(wearing thrifted tee, vintage/diy skirt, vintage boots)
I had forgotten about these photos until I was scanning through my camera the other day. They were some of the last photos I took while I was back in California. Life has suddenly switched into fast mode and seems to pass by with record speed. Though I have been neglecting my blog in the midst of moving and starting a new job (and really-a new life) I have found myself journaling and drawing more than ever. I hope to share more of that here.
Last night I wasn't feeling very well (a combination of rampant hormones and sinus congestion) and my boyfriend has been sick all week so we were both watching Netflix in bed with a candle burning. I was tossing and turning trying to fall asleep with the sound of a wild thunder storm raging outside. I've always been one to hide under the covers during bouts of crazy lightning and thunder, but for the first time in my life, I recognized the beauty and peace that comes with a storm. within minutes I was dreaming vividly, as I have been so often lately.
life truly is beautiful. especially the storms.


  1. you look great ,
    hope you feel better now!

  2. you have such a beautiful way of looking at the world, i hope you post some drawings soon i'd love to see them xx

  3. Cool skirt.