(Wearing: mom's vintage work out crop top, thrifted midi skirt, vintage belt, Styluxe tan suede platforms, vintage/diy/misc. accessories. Danaan's (sister) wearing: H&M tank,
vintage belt, f21 cross earring, Jeffrey Campbell lavender Litas)

   More picture overload ridiculousness for you lovers. I've been going kinda crazy with the new camera, so be expecting more consistent outfit & photo diary posts. I'm actually really excited to post more frequently, and I've been finding myself teeming with inspiration to get more creative (in all aspects of life).
   Today is bittersweet. So sad to see Summer go, but I'm also ready for this heat wave to be over and to embrace brisk mornings and nights bundled up by the fire place. It was my youngest sister's first day back at school, and lucky her- not only is it 90 freakin degrees, but there was a bomb threat! I mean, seriously? People these days. Hope everyone's staying out of the heat and avoiding all the crazies out there (and by that I mean the bad crazies, I'm a big fan of good crazy, duh).

photos taken by me and my two sisters, Danaan and Fiona


  1. Im OBSESSED with your hair!!x


  2. LOVE the midi skirt and the Styluxe platforms! Ahhhmazze xx

  3. That skirt...way too into your skirt. I love it.

    strawberry freckleface

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  5. love these photos and both outfits are amazing !!! love that your all inspired to take more pictures as i love your outfit posts ! xxx

  6. i love your hair !
    your friend have soo beautliful lita !

  7. oh my! your hair is soooo amazing :) i wish mine was that long! great post :) and thanks for your comment, couldnt appreciate it more :) that skirt is definetely my new fashioncrush, you wear it so well!

  8. What an insanely good photoshoot !!!!!

    Love the outfits and the atmosphere !!!!!!!

    Great blog :)


  9. The skirt is perfection, love it <3

  10. You are such a babe, love the skirt!!! XXX little navajo

  11. you should know, i would kill for that skirt.
    faark. love all these photos!

    sorry i didn't get back to you about the pants. I'm unfortunetely low of dollars at the moment! xx

  12. You have amazing hair! The two-tone job is badass!

  13. were can i buy those shoes from??? i cant find the website xxxx love janel

  14. wooooooow your hair is amazing <3 , I love love loooooooooooooooooooooove it <3 take care of it ;)