a little less than a human being

all photos from tumblr

thought I'd share a mini playlist of songs I've been listening to non stop lately.

1. A Fond Farewell- Elliot Smith cover by Errol Wilson (my bff/cousin/brother, and this cover is seriously too good)
2. you wish you were red- trailer trash tracys
2. rosa- grimes
3. be a body- grimes
4. buzzcut season- lorde
*I have all of the songs above on my tumblr playlist- you can hear them here: sea of dreamers
5. people are strange- the doors
6. riders on the storm- the doors
7. godless- the dandy warhols
8. mohammed- the dandy warhols
9. i wrote in blood- still corners
10. ode to my family- the cranberries
11. my god is the sun- queens of the stoneage