dark dayz

(wearing: LNA cut out sweater, black undershirt T by Alexander Wang {stolen from my boyfrennn}, vintage Levi's cut into shorts, thrifted boots,
diy choker with cross from my grandma, crystal necklace from my mama, vintage rosary)
So I'm bracing myself for my second Michigan winter. It hasn't even dropped below 40 yet and it's already TOO MOTHER EFFIN COLD. And dark. It get's dark at like six, and I go into straight up hibernation mode and walk around swaddled in blankets with flannel pajama pants awkwardly half tucked into my boots. every once in a while I ( reluctantly) wear real clothes though. the funny thing is I get less strange looks in the pajama boot combo previously mentioned than I do in my 'normal clothes'. whatevs.

Also, as I know I have mentioned before- the thrift stores here are seriously too good to be true. I got these boots at volunteers of America for literally 2 dollars. Just one of many coveted finds. My boyfriend got me a computer for my birthday (YIPEEEEKAAAAYAAAYYYY)
 so I will finaaaalllly  be posting some of my best finds on my etsy.
I'm finally getting my shit together yallllll