Shooting The Moon

This weekend has been so calm and beautiful, I loved every minute of it.
From heading to the harbor to enjoy the strange yet beautiful weather over lunch, to a day of thrifting with my sisters while trying to bare the harsh winds; movie dates on chilly nights to pumpkin spice coffee during these strangely warm yet stormy mid-mornings. It couldn't get much better than this.

Still adjusting to the time change,
I don't know when I'm going  to get used to dark skies at 5pm.
November brings about a mood and feeling that is indescribable, something about the weather and the scent in the air reminds me of my childhood and nights spent by the fireplace with a hot chocolate.
Fall is here, finally !

Hope everyone is enjoying November as much as I am so far.


wearing: Piko winged crop top, vintage knit skirt, thrifted sunnies, Target shoes, misc. accessories

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