(wearing: thrifted tank top, vintage beaded vest, thrifted slip dress [worn under tank top], Demonia creepers, misc. accessories)

so the next stop on the crazy hair train issss...alien sea foam fairy? This was one of my favorite hair stages of all time, everrrr. Wish I could write more, but I am on my way out the door. Promise more substantial posts to come!




(wearing: thrifted platform sneakers and dress, diy/thrifted choker)
So, after my day as a blonde, I spent a few days with hair reminiscent of what my mom and sister called a 'grunge mermaid'. It was cool but not exactly what I was going for, so we continued (and still continue)experimenting. Most of my friends are at Coachella this weekend, so Lulu and I have been making ourselves feel better with pizza, crafts, and an embarrassing amount of candy. My cleanse starts tomorrow. I woke up to a room littered with candy wrappers and a mind littered with regret..SOML.



blonde for a day

(wearing: thrifted 90's bell sleeve knit, modified vintage sunflower pants, h&m faux fur stole, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, 99 cent store sunglasses)

So these pictures were taken during one of my awkward 'inbetween' stages in the midst of my recent hair dying rampage. I spent a day (and a half) as a bathtub blonde and even though it was kinda scary (and carrot-y?) it started to grow on me! Not enough to stop me from changing it again the following day, but yewknowww. I'm almost caught up to my current photos!! what a concept, right?! Thanks for being patient with my spiratic posting and being so friggin bad at responding to all of your comments. I promise I am going to get better at this guyss, my life has just been in constant fluctuation lately and it's been apparent in everything I do. All of your comments, feedback, and messages are some of the things that really push me to keep pluggin' through when things get overwhelming. Excuse my cheesiness but I am in a rather sentimental state of mind at the moment (which I am guessing has a lottt to do with the fact that I finally saw Titanic in 3D last night....sigh....LEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO).