wish upon a farm

photographed and styled by Janell Shirtcliff
hair by Amber Duarte
nails by Kelly McPherson
assisted by Harry Eelman
I recently had the opportunity to make some magic with Janell Shirtcliff for her website Lonelydot. It was such a fun, beautiful day with the most amazing group of people. Janell is one of the kindest, creative, most genuine people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Such a rare gem with such talent to boot! I am pretty much in love with her and her work and can't wait to have another day just like this one very soon.



//journal entry//1.1.14//
I want to stop being fearful. I want my heart to be childlike again. The sound of the ocean sings me to sleep at night and calls to me in the morning, to marvel and be reminded of all the beauty. To forget pain, to be strong and constant. I drove down to the beach this morning. I'm sitting silently in my car, listening to hope sandoval and watching the high tide wash away all remnants of yesterday.
new moon burnt through my dreams last night.
I hope my spirit and my mind's eye are being cleansed, the same as the shore.
to see the world anew again.
so alive and bright