'that's just because you're a scorpio'

(wearing: thrifed/diy crop, thrifted pants, vintage necklace and belt, Jeffrey Campbell Munsters)

introducinngggg; the world's most awkward crotch-ed pants ever! and guess what.. dgaf dudes. But seriously, akwardness and all, these are probably one of my most favorite pairs of pants ever. And the fact that they cost me 2 bucks at Salvation Army makes em even cooler. SO, I was having a little chat with my guy today and he was giving me a few helpful bits of advice. One of which was that I should cut back a bit on the amount of photos I post, and make the ones I do post display a bit more versatility. After thinking it over, I think he's pretty much tot-uh-lee right. I mean, I have tried to cut back on the amount of repetitive photos I post but a girl is indecisive n shiut. All excuses and nonsense aside, my goal has always been and always should be to post really good GREAT content that catches the eye of like minded creative people and maybe (hopefully) inspires them in some way. SO, my goal going forward with this lil blog of mine is going to be to streamline a bit. I want to make a new header (which is ridiculously over-do) and have better quality posts with less 'filler' photos. I also want to start doing a lot more visual diary posts, cause in all honesty they're a lot more interesting than a bunch of photos of little old me. Well that is enough rambling for meow.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!




(wearing: thrifted lace top, vintage plaid skirt, Darker studded clutch, Nasty Gal X Jeffrey Campbell Munster platforms)

I've been constantly switching between either dressing like a colorful cartoon fairy or a goth gypsy punk lately. I've been obsessing over holographic rainbow prints, everything ripped up and shredded, and black paired with plaid. And how freaking rad is this studded clutch?! It's from Darker, my dude's company, and he makes a whole shmorgishborg of amazing hand made leather goods.
Check out his facebook page here and his shopify HERE!



I just want to feel everything

(wearing: vintage bell sleeved tunic, See You Monday leggings, diy tie dye turban head wrap, vintage boots, necklace from Mexico)

More purple hair picturesssss. These are old (obvi) but I am actually planning on re-doing most of my hair this color this week. Sho exshitedddd. As for today, once I finish up a couple of SOS orders I will be dedicating the rest of my time to finding my inner balance. I've felt really out of sorts lately and sometimes it's important to take a step back and re-find yourself and reconnect in a way. It seems most people I talk to nowadays suffer from a general feeling of disconnection. The world around us is so hyper-stimulating, so fast paced and ever changing that it's hard to come to grips with living in the moment and not getting caught up in the chaos and superficial distractions.
My remedy to all of this? Meditation, music, reading and writing.

Also, new Fiona Apple GOLD. gahd I love her too much for words.




(SOS Vintage: 90's striped athletic crop, open/tie back printed tank, black crochet top, cherub print button up/sold/, embellished pink mini dress, multi color printed button up, 'sunset' tee, leopard skirt, 1970's bell sleeved dress)

I have been working hard to actuallllyyy get some new vintage merchandise posted to the SOS facebook page so I can clear out some stuff and make room for new stock and prepare for the website launch! All of these pretty little things are available for sale now! You can see more photos HERE, and if anything catches your eye simply message me on facebook or leave a comment here with the item you want and your email address. Your continued support means everything!

Oh, and this is the first set of recent photos I have posted in fo evvvvaaa. It feels kinda nice! So now you have a better idea of what my hair is lookin like these days. It's constantly changing though, so don't get too used to it!

It seems like I have so much to do (or so much that I plan on doing) lately, and then a day passes and then the next thing you know a week has flown by. Where does all the time go? I am learning to (TRY to) embrace the fact that we cannot control everything, and sometimes it feels like you're at a stand still or that things aren't going quite how you want them to. But when you really stop, take a look around you and take the time to think about the bigger picture everything kind of makes sense. Everything will eventually fall in to place if you stay positive and keep striving towards your goals. When you are passionate about something and you surround yourself with positive uplifting people, you really can't go wrong! I have been meeting so many amazing, kind, inspiring people lately. It's such a breath of fresh air.

I guess another reason I have been deep in contemplation about life and such has a lot to do with the fact that I have been away from home constantly. I have been up in LA (or off on random adventures/trips) for the majority of the past weeks. I know I have stated it a number of times, but I am quite an introverted person a lot of the time. I mean don't get me wrong, I am a fuggin weirdo of mass proportions and when you get to know me and break through my wall you can't get me to shut up. But most peoples' initial reactions when first meeting me is that I am shy or boring or even 'cold'. That last one is the label I hate the most. I am such a sensitive emotional person, I care deeply for people (even people I barely know or haven't met) and am easily affected by the things people say and do around me. I don't know whether it's a defense mechanism I have picked up over the years from relentless taunting when I was younger or if it's just the way I have always been. I like to take people in, observe their habits and mannerisms and try and pick up on who they are. I AM THE ULTIMATE PEOPLE WATCHER GUYS. But to get back to the point, being away from home and out of my little bubble of comfort (I was born and raised in the same small beach town and I tend to keep to myself) has really got me thinking about what I want to do and where I want to go with my future. My boyfriend lives in LA as well as many of my friends and babely blogger buddies AND there are soooo many more opportunities to pursue what I am drawn towards. So basically this all boils down to me coming to the conclusion that I am ready to fly the nest, find my own place, and start the next stage of my life somewhere that will best allow me to harness all of my creative energies. There is still lots to be done before then, but I am really excited for what the future holds. I have already grown so much since first starting this blog, it's really fun to look back and see the progression of everything.

I'll leave you with a song I've been listening to on repeat all morning. Gahd I love Jack White.





A lil photo diary from a spur of the moment trip up the coast from a few months back. This particular day involved lots of sambazon energy drinks, interesting encounters with Venice crazies, the smell of weed hanging in the air, watching little hooligans and hobos skate (and wipe out), disappointing celeb sightings, almost eating shit an innumerable amount of times traipsing through the sand in my ridic platforms, disgustingly delicious fried food, making friends with a colorful music man and fellow scorpio on the Santa Monica pier, hairs in faces, ferris wheel rides, and the most beautiful sunset on the drive home.

As I have stated an annoying amount of times, I AM SO BEHIND IN POSTING PICTURES IT'S EMBARRASSING. and it's driving me mad. SO, I've decided I am going to start posting some more recent photos and play catch up with the oldies inbetween. So I apologize in advance for the confusion that is sure to ensue once every other post pictures a completely different hair color. But whatevz. Variety is the spice of life?