it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life


I'd like to live and to feel and to hurt
I'd like to struggle to succeed to fail
I'd like to laugh and cry and dance among trees
I'd like to run through open fields and sing to the full moon
I'd like to dream in colors so rich they sting the senses
I'd like to wake up to the open air, soothing and calm
I'd like to drink in the beauty of the setting sun
I'd like the stars to whisper to me the secrets of the universe
but most of all
I'd like to marvel in knowing we need nor know a single thing
I'd like to simply exist, embracing the unknown, eternally sound and content

                                                             Happy NYE! See you next year..


poem by me
photos via tumblr



(wearing: Holy G color fade jumper, f21 printed leggings, thrifted boots)

I thought this title was ironic, because aside from going along with the theme of my sweater- the color has been FADING from my blog..in a sense? Or so it seems to me.

It's been really difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that as long as I'm working outside of the house as much as I have been, I just simply can't dedicate as much time to my blog as I once did. It's been a stressful and time consuming balancing act; and at the end of the day it led me to realize that this blog as well as all of my other creative outlets are the things that keep me sane. They are the things that inspire me, urge me to keep writing, and give me the drive to pursue all of my passions. So, after this realization, I asked to be taken down to four shifts a week at my 'other' job so that I may have more free time to spend doing the things I truly love. This means a few things; more frequent blog posts (yayyyyyz), more photo shoots, more writing, and hopefully (maybe) the courage to start sharing some of my personal poetry and/or short stories here on the blog. Okay, now that I got that out of the way I feel like I can breeeeaaaaathe.

On another note...don't think the massive onslaught of new followers in the past few days has gone unnoticed by little old me. I, being the passionate (okay...overly emotional..who am I kidding here) person I am, get over the moon excited about every single new follower I get, folks. No jokes. When people actually take the time to read what I've written -or even just like the pictures I post for that matter- it means sooo much to me. Maybe it stems from being so shy and introverted as a child. I always had so many feelings and ideas and thoughts, and I always always wrote them down (or painted or drew pictures or took photos with my 90's Polaroid), but I never really felt like I could express myself to others (aside from my close friends and family people, I wasn't one of those locked-alone-in-their-rooms-with-their-notebook-cloaked-in-all-black type of kids) the way I really envisioned it. *Side fact: I have alwayssss been better at expressing myself in writing than in speech. Okay I know, way to go completely off topic, but the point I am simply trying to get across is that you are all faaaaariggin awesome. Okay that didn't come out right? Just discredit all prior claims and let's call it a day. Oh, and Madeline has to be one of the most awesome-est of alllll. Let me give you the rundown; it was Christmas morning and I was checking up on a few of my favorite blogs, head over to Madeline's blog jean greige as per ushhhh and scrolll and scrolll and OH WAIT WHATT?! THAT'S ME! I'M HER NEW FAVORITE BLOG *maniacal laugh* YAY OMG YAY OMG *more maniacal laughing*. Yep, that's as realistic as it gets. And if you haven't seen the glory that is Jean Greige, I suggest you get on that..like..yesterday.

ANYWAYS. I have an interview today for a possible modeling job? Foreign territories my friends. I am an awkward son of a gun and a little nervous about the whole thing, but let's do this thaaang.

&&&thank you all so much for your amazing comments, they all make me happier than the happiest of clams. heh heh.


My most recent post for Volcomunity is the featured post for this week! Check it out here. Thank you so much Bonnie!





I should be asleep right now,
but I am not.


lipstick stains&hair whipping&jumping on beds

gahd I am so cool.
and I know you're diggin' that sweeeet george washington I threw in for ya.
you're welcome.




(wearing: NikiBiki faux leather jacket, diy-ed Tricot Joli shredded sweater, F21 & diy necklaces, vintage boots)

Just another morning spent listening to music and editing photos over coffee all while procrastinating getting ready for work. I've been getting extremely overwhelmed at the sight of my closet lately (I removed the closet doors & have yet to buy curtains to replace them and to hide the chaos that is my wardrobe from view) not to mention the tubs and organizers filled with vintage half-hazardly piled beneath the mess of miss matched hangers. This bedroom re-vamping-not to mention the launch of S.O.S.- could not take place any sooner...

Still super behind in posting photos, but be expecting an outfit post including the new piercing soon!