the kind of morning that lasts all afternoon


Early evening adventuring with my cousin Cameron and Neg,
these colorful January sunsets seem to get more beautiful every day.




1.Minkpink Eye Spy jumper
2.House of Harlow 1960 Chelsea sunglasses
3.MAC Morange lipstick
4.Topshop white distressed leather clutch
5.Acne generic denim shorts
6.Elizabeth and James knuckle ring
7.Opening Ceremony suede rope wedge




  Please don't mind my messy room ( & exploding closet-eeek ), but I thought I'd do a quick little outfit post  from some web cam shots taken the other day. I was wearing a thrifted biker tee (DIY cut off sleeves), a vintage leopard button front maxi skirt, and my own S.O.S. shredded grey wrap. I'm actually in the midst of planning a little road trip with a couple of friends within the next month or so, and I could not be more excited to 'Feel The Wind' so to speak (heh heh- as my shirt says) and take off on a little adventure all my own. I can guarantee there will be many a photo shoot whilst exploring off the beaten path-taking advantage of the wild and unfamiliar surroundings-and many stories and pictures to share of whatever & wherever the road takes us.
Stay tuned lovers!


you've got this look I can't describe

You make me feel like I'm alive


(photos via oraclefox, littleplastichorses, unknown)
lyrics Like a Star by Corinne Bailey



The view while on a recent dinner date with my boyfriend in Laguna Beach was insaneee, and so was the food...and the unreal sunset. Such a perfect night in every wayy; and yes, that is an owl in the last photo. My boyfriend captured it at the perfect moment while it flew out of a palm tree and right over out heads (and scaring the life out of me in the process-it was huuuge!) it was so mysterious and beautiful. I've always loved owls. Anyhoooo (haha, get it? OWLS.HOOO. yes I just went there) hope everyone is having a great week so far!


(wearing: Cecico winged top, vintage DIY cut off high waisted shorts, Aldo wedges,
Make a Wish triple skull necklace, misc. accessories)

photos taken by my boyfriend, looovve him


The other night I dreamt that I was walking through a field, a vibrant green field scattered with towering trees that seemed to twist and reach into the sky. The dream was so real, and I felt like I was floating across the grass, gravitating towards a specific place. I came across a tree with thick winding roots, like something out of a grim fairytale, and something shiny caught my eye amongst the dirt and overgrowth. I bent down and realized it was a tiny silver locket, and as I started to dig it out I noticed more of them; countless little lockets like the ones from my childhood diaries, in all shapes and sizes. I dug my hands beneath the earth and filled my arms with as many as I could carry, and I was filled with happiness, a warmth spread through me like a wild fire- and then I was awake.
I have always been one to search for meaning within my dreams, I'm so fascinated by the science behind them. I'm still curious as to what symbolism that dream held
& what I was meant to take from it...

p.s. check out Katie's (of Fashion Clocked) recent post,
she featured me in her 'what makes me tick' post for January,
 and I couldn't be more grateful- Thanks again love ! xx

(photos via loversinvain, littleplastichorses, unknown(s))


happiness hit her like a train on a track

Today was a gooooood day. I could not be happier,
and I'm so excited to see what the future holds.

There are OFFICIALLY two styles of S.O.S. (Sea of Style) Originals available at gmarieboutique.com! The black shredded back pocket tee & the white shredded 'moon beam' dress. Each original piece is handmade by me and one of a kind-no two are alike! Please check it out & show your support!



(lips photo via jeffreycampbellblog)


In need . of an escape

an escape to somewhere beautiful, and free.


(photo sources: saoirse, somethingsgoneawry)




G.Marie boutique of Laguna Beach is one of my favoriteee local fashion stops.
They carry a great variety of adorable stuff, including some of my favorite lines (such as Wildfox Couture) as well as an array of amazing vintage finds (and I'm sure many of you know that vintage shopping is my weakness!) Thanks to a little collaboration with the owner herself, Gina (see her in photos 1, 4, 5, & 6), there will soon be a couple styles of S.O.S. originals available @ gmarieboutique.com-her online store!

I'm sooo excited, & I hope you all check it out.


p.s. to view all S.O.S. styles or to inquire about pricing/purchasing-


Ah, it's the magical mystery kind

oh, must be a lie
bye bye, to the too good to be true kind of love
oh I could die, oh, now I could die

(sources: fashiongonerogue, cottonstyle, unknown(s) )
title & lyrics-40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros