you're so heavenly minded, you're no earthly good

(wearing: boyfriend's Johnny Cash tee and vintage/customized leather jacket,
Volcom paisley collared button up, converse black on black high tops)

It's beautiful here in Michigan, but it's colder than a witch's tit- and putting together a blog worthy outfit that is also weather appropriate has created quite a challenge for me. Why you ask? Because I am ALWAYS cold as it is, and when the temperature drops below 50 degrees all I want to wear are flannel pjs and hoodies. I am slowly adjusting and using it as a good excuse to pile on the layers. The past few days have actually been a lot warmer and bright & sunny; so I jumped at the opportunity to venture outside in short sleeves. This Johnny Cash t-shirt is actually my boyfriend's. He has THE best t-shirt collection I have ever laid eyes on, so it's fun to raid his wardrobe once in a while. The vintage leather jacket is also his, and he made the awesome leather patch on the back (it's the logo for his company Darker). He makes lots of awesome shit. I would post a link to his site but it's under construction- so I'll share it as soon as it's back up! 

I have lots of cool stuff and updates to share, so I'll be posting a lot more frequently!
Feels good to be back at it again.



oh no, I don't recall

photos via tumblr

I hear windchimes in my sleep and I'm dancing in my head, I turn away from yesterday cause the 'I' of then is dead. I morn the parts that echo and I welcome warmth of future content, I let go of all my sadness and all that I resent. I am happy in this moment, for in this moment I am free, 
and all that matters to my soul is you are you and I am me.

love openly, from the depths of your heart, always.



(wearing: zombie pin up girl tee c/o chi-flo, plaid skirt c/o swaychic,
vintage denim jacket, misc. jewelery c/o vanessa mooney)

Okay, so to say I've gotten back in the habit of posting regularly is still a long shot, but I am working on it! I've started to take photos more frequently and been journaling constantly in attempts to get myself motivated to let the overflow make it's way here, as it used to on such a usual basis. I've been finding myself inspired and drawn to much different things than I was even a few months a go. I can feel myself changing all the time. I can feel the energy and thoughts flow through me the way you can feel your heartbeat in your toes and fingers and ears when you get scared or excited about something. I feel it was necessary for me to fade out from my blog (as well as various other outlets in my life) for a little while to let this change take hold and allow myself to go through the waves of emotion and growth. It feels good to be writing for myself again. I do miss posting here, though, so I am excited to get back at it- refreshed and anew.

My life has been going through many stages of change lately, not only internal. As I mentioned before I am in Michigan now with my boyfriend. I really want to share more photos of how beautiful it is here. The weather is definitely new for me, but I've been loving it. The snow glitters a million tiny rainbows in the sunlight and makes everything smell fresh and clean. Hopefully I'll have a visual diary ready to post soon!