(wearing: mom's vintage 'catalina' crop top, style biz inc skirt, vintage necklaces and kimono, Aldo wedges)

The weather has been so beautiful this week, I soaked it in and just let go of all the stresses that had been weighing me down and enjoyed the beauty around me. I spent time at the pool, reading in the park, sun bathing at the beach, enjoying great meals with family and friends, and just all around relaxing and mentally escaping. I get frustrated with people who are negative and don't recognize their blessings, but the truth is, we all take so much for granted-myself included. I thought I would do something different and just share a few things that I have been thankful for this past week;

The peacefulness of mornings
The feeling of taking a warm shower after a long day in the sun
Laughing and losing track of time with loved ones
The glorious combination that is coffee+Greek yogurt
The lighting in my kitchen in the middle of the afternoon
Journaling in my dream journal
Cleaning my room and coming across old childhood treasures
Jarritos mandarin soda (guilty pleashha lolzz)
Creating again after a long break; finally making new tops and jewelry
Singing at the top of my lungs with my headphones on
Apple Blossoms from Trader Joe's
My sewing machine aka best Christmas present evs
Sunsets at my favorite lookout




(wearing: Gentle Fawn top & lavender sunglasses c/o aSociete, f21 knit shorts, Volcom leopard print jacket, vintage necklaces)

Today was such a perfect day. It felt like Summer and I could not have appreciated it more. Wore this outfit midday while hanging out with a friend and selling her some vintage (minus the shoes of course- I'm strictly forbidden from wearing platforms of any type due to my fudged up ankle until I have my surgery-so I have resorted to posing in them for a few moments at a time). I'm wearing two of my favoriteee new things right now; this amazing, sheer, incredibly soft Gentle Fawn top from aSociete and this Volcom leopard print jacket. It was so hot out today, this jacket was immediately tossed to the wayside once I stepped out the front door. Can't wait to share photos from this afternoon's adventures...




(wearing: Glamour Kills t-shirt c/o aSociete, f21 shorts, ebay sunglasses, Demonia creepers, thrifted bag)

This t-shirt is another one of the items I recently received from aSociete, and I lovvvve it.
 I've been all about tees, sweats, and hoodies lately. COEFL.
Too groggy to write anything worth posting, so I made up for it in (an overload of) photos.


*COEFL; comfort over everything for life



So I thought I would do something a little different and share a post featuring some of my favorite blogger ladies. All of these girls are so unique and fashionable, but more than that- they are intelligent and funny and post things of substance. I would loveeee to be best friends with all of them and braid eachother's hair and have themed sleepovers and lol at life together. okay....maybe I am more than slightly obsessed. So here ya go, click away and become a fellow obsessor! You are welcomeeeeeee.

Madeline of Jean Greige. I lub her. She is so amazing. But you already know that.

Brit of Disarming Darling. If I could live in her closet I would. In the non creepiest way possible.


Isabel of I FLY A STARSHIP. No words necessary...just look at her! She is a gothy-90's-colorful-eccentric dream.

Mae of Mae's Visions. She is one of the most beautiful people I have gotten to know through blogging, inside and out.

Casey of Strawberry Freckleface. Not only are we both scorpios, but we are both print fanatics. Match made in heaven.

Jana of Wolf&Willow. When I first came across her blog I was sooo excited cause she has the same name as my mom (which is a rarity) and then after browsing through her looks for hours, I came to the conclusion that she is my fashion soul sista.

Well there you have it.
All of these gahlsss provide me with limitless inspiration and I hope they do the same for you!


Trust me when I say there are TONS of other blogs I absolutely love, so if you don't see yourself here do not fret. I plan on doing more posts featuring some of my favorites in the future so stay tuned!