cool kids never have the time

(wearing: thrifted dress, dimepiece beanie, misc. accessories)

Today has been too long. You know those days that just seem to stretch on forever, and no matter how many tasks and projects you attempt to fill your time with, it still seems as if you're not quite accomplishing anything or moving forward? Today is one of those days. I can't decide if it's because I have so many ideas and things I need to get done in the coming weeks that my mind is a whirlwind of chaos, the fact that I am looking forward to this weekend and just wish I could press fast forward through the next 24 hours, orrrr because my life has been changing so much it's hard for me to keep up. Probably a combination of the three. So, for the time being I will placate myself with lots of smashing pumpkins, summer fruits, and Dawson's Creek (YES, NETFLIX FINALLYYY GOT WITH IT DUDES). I edited a TONNNN of pictures today as well...long over due but there will finally be some consistent  updates here on my poor old neglected bloggy. OH, and thank you all so much for your constant support and kind words. You are all cooler than I could ever hope to be...seriously.






p.s. I'm baaaaaaaAAAAck

p.p.s. how effin great is that last picture of my mom on her Birthday? kills meee



(wearing: thrifted/diy holey tank, vintage skirt and leather jacket, ebay sunglasses, Deena & Ozzy boots)

Okay, okay, I know. TOO MANY PICTURES..even for me. But this is probably one of my favorite outfits ever so I convince myself it's acceptable. I have been buying anything plaid I can get my hands on lately. ESPECIALLY skirts. And I just realized, once again, how behind I am in posting pictures. These were taken three hair colors a go. Being that I've been changing my hair so much lately, basing time around the different color stages seems appropriate, yes? On a side note, it's my baby sister's sixteenth birthday today. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!??! SHE'S NOT A BB ANYMOREEEE ;( I feel old. LOL JK I STILL FEEL 15. Growing up is weird, yuck. Yo girl got a serious case of the peter pan syndrome~*~*~*~*