(wearing: thrifted diy cut off athletic tank, vintage skirt, Dimepiece beanie)

this post was induced by some serious insomnia. it's one of those nights where my body is so exhausted but my brain won't quiet down. so, I thought it would be a good time to play some catch up and post a few (old) photos. these were taken the day after 'national goth day' which was at the end of May. I keep finding more old photos that had been lost amongst the chaos of my many dated folders. I just got home yesterday from a family vacation to Catalina island. it was such an amazing time. the water was so beautiful and the weather was perfect, but after days of snorkeling and sunburn it was so nice to get home to my pups and my bed. I'm starting to realize my days here are numbered, and doing my best to relish the last of being at home and surrounded by my family the best I can.

it's time for me to try and shut off the brain and get some sleep before I start sleep typing. which doesn't seem like as much of a long shot after hearing my sister's recollection of my sleep eating which has apparently occurred numerous times now. what is life.




(wearing: bralette and skirt c/o LNA, thrifted cover up, Darker leather suspenders,
Zelda metal cross necklace + pewter shark tooth ring + poison ring c/o Vanessa Mooney, creepers borrowed from my friend Eden)

Lately I've been wearing all black. a lot. I kind of like the fact that combined with my crazy hair, it causes people to stare at me with a perplexed look on their face wondering if I'm a gothic angsty teenager (most people assume I'm the youngest of my sisters, one of which is sixteen. LOL) or a witch on her way to a coven meeting. Regardless of how I dress- whether it be crazy rainbow colors and clashing prints or head to toe black and layers of silver jewelery- I seem to be more and more drawn towards the less socially acceptable. It's so much more fun to dress however you're feeling in the moment, even if it is crazy and most people will question your sanity whilst walking about in public, because what's the point in looking like everybody else? Where is the freedom and creativity in that? I drank a bit too much coffee and I'm going to cut this rant short. My fingers are typing away faster than my brain can string together what it is I am even trying to say.

On another subject, I am currently still in LA at my boyfriend's house and we've spent the past two nights watching the meteor shower from his backyard. Two nights a go we were watching at about one am and we had seen so many amazingly bright meteors, our eyes were fixated on the sky above us and it was completely silent aside from a slight breeze and the sound of our breathing. All of a sudden, he grabbed me and turned my head towards the north east as we both sat in shock watching what can only be described as a triangular formation of ufos fly across the sky and then vanish into the darkness. I know it sounds nuts, it even seems unreal to me now as I sit here recalling what we saw. Time seemed to move by so slowly in that moment, my mind couldn't quite comprehend the reality of what we had both witnessed. I'd never seen anything like it before, and who knows if I ever will again. But I can pretty much guarantee I will spend the rest of my life watching the sky wondering with even more curiosity as to what lies beyond the reaches of our little planet.


sorry about that horribly edited second photo. sometimes I think I'm gonna do somethin' cool whilst experimenting on gimp and then I end up with something rather nonsensical and embarrassing. and then post it anways cause that's about as good as my editing skillz are gonna get.


wh0 !$ m3

(wearing: vintage sheer top, Volcom jacket, vintage jeans)

(side note: more old pictures~*~I haven't changed my hair again.. *YET)

So I am sitting at my boyfriend's house in LA right now, and it's a million flippin degrees. LITERALLY feel like my brain has melted and I'm semi-delusional/hallucinating. I'm distracting myself with lots of juice and the No Doubt pandora station..which is pretty frickin surprisingly good. I would write more, but I have a funny feeling I would look back at the post later and wonder what the heck I was thinking when typing it out. You know you're entering heat induced hysterics when every sarcastic/cheesy thought that pops up in your mind leads to uncontrollable laughter...whilst sitting by yourself...alone..besides a doggy that keeps raising one eyebrow at you.




(wearing: 'beach sweater' c/o LNA, Hurley cropped skinnies, Miista 'lasa' sandals c/o IDLM, ebay sunglasses, 'just kickin it' rock medallion necklace c/o Vanessa Mooney)

So this is what my hair looks like  currently. Kind of a psychedelic ombre? ole, oh shantay, wherez da monay. I am hallucaNAYYY..ting. AKA need to cut this post short before I scare you all away.

Pretty much been living in my new LNA and Vanessa Mooney goodies. I'm especially fond of this amazing knit and jeweled medallion, which to my pleasant surprise OPENS. childhood dreams coming true. Better believe I be hidin' stuffs in dere. Okay seriously, the heat has gone to my brain. TTFN Y'ALL.