sea,of,style (pt.2)


As promised, here are some more shots from the S.O.S. shoot.


  Got home from my trip yesterday. I'm still exhausted. I think I did more in two and a half days than I've done all Summer. I can't wait to share the (ridicccculous amount of) photos I took! I had my camera glued to my hands the entire trip, with exception to the time spent swimming in the crystal clear water with huge schools of fish. Oh how I wish I had an underwater camera with me. The scenery was beautiful, the food was amazing, and it was so nice to spend some bonding time with my family. As for today; I'm flopping down on my bed, watching t.v., and binging on fresh figs and iced tea until I pass out (probably by seven). I really cannot believe how quickly these past few months have flown by! Hope everyone's soaking in the last of the Summer sunshine and getting in some r&r before hectic schedules resume as usual.





  As promised, here are a few preview shots from my recent S.O.S. photo shoot, which just happened to be my first shoot with the new camera! I've only had it for a couple days and I am OBSESSED. I leave for Catalina tomorrow morning, so I won't be posting until Wednesday. However, I can guarantee I will have tons of photos of my adventures to share when I get back! I'll only be gone for a few days, but a little vacation is just what I need right now. I can't wait to lay on the beach all day with my mom and sisters, walk bare footed around town early in the morning, stay up late reading under the covers, and eat ice cream out of a waffle cone for dinner. It's the simple things in life, ya know? hehhh hehh. Stay tuned for many more pictures from the S.O.S. shoot!




Summer is only winter with you

How can you really feel?
Two of another, none of a pair

Nobody move, nobody move
Days with the light off, freezing
You and I, uneasy, livid
Stop, it's too late
I'm feeling frustrated
I see no sign of fortress
I see no sign of fortress
Another delay, too many hassles
Where do we go, how do we follow?


p.s. Did my first photo shoot with the new camera today!
So excited to share millionz and trillionz of photos with you all <3


can't contain it

(wearing: F21 necklace, Ark & Co. cut out dress via Nastygal, Trinity cardigan,
F21 lace biker shorts, CR boots)

I've gotten so behind in posting all the photos I've let pile up on my computer that I almost forgot about these. My sister took them of me one night last week before we went to meet up with some family and close friends. Which led to a midnight trip to Denny's and a root beer float for me..even though I pretty much gave up soda a couple years back-root beer floats get me everyyyytime. I've been spending a lot of time with my family lately, trying to soak up every last bit of Summer that I can. Though I'll be sad to see Summer go, I have to admit I'm really looking forward to colder weather (warmer clothes) and all the exciting things the first few months of Autumn have in store. Something else I'm really looking forward to is taking off on a little trip with some of my family to Catalina island in four days. Catalina has always held a special place in my memories because my mom and dad started taking me there when I was just a baby. I've gone at least every other year since then. It makes me think of the smell of sunscreen, huge mountains of sticky ice cream from Big Olafs, swimming from dawn til dusk and returning home in a mess of salt and sand, throwing peanuts at Antonio's pizzeria, adventuring down every street and imagining the lives of the people that live in each eclectic and colorful home, and most of all, being a child. It also holds special memories for my boyfriend and I, driving through town hand in hand in a rickety old golf cart, so happy and in love. Oh, and can't leave out eating SHIIIIt on a two person bicycle; I think my boyfriend and I laughed harder than the onlookers. I can't wait to get back there, and I'll be sure to take many pictures to share!

Speaking of pictures...on to another topic that I'm so excited to post about. Today's the day guyzzz, I made the decision to buy my first DSLR! I could not be more antsy. I mean, I couldn't even sleep last night. It was like little-kid-the-night-before-Disneyland status. I can't wait to take countless photos and share them all with you lovers! Brace yourselves for photo-overload.




(Wearing S.O.S. 'Super Nova' crop top with shredded panel, lace tap shorts via Nastygal,
DIY necklace, e-bayed sunnies, random/vintage jewelery)

I have a huge favor to ask of you guys. I've entered myself in the Volcom Denim x LB contest on lookbook.nu, for a chance to win a guest blogger spot over at Volcomunity (and the free Volcom denim for a year doesn't sound too shabby either). It would mean the world to me if you could click HERE (or the lookbook.nu link at the bottom of the post) and HYPE me! I'm pretty far up in the top fifty entries, so any and all help is appreciated more than you know! Since the point of the contest is to represent your creativity and what makes you unique, I thought it would be fitting to wear one of my very own Sea of Style creations. (you can e-mail me at seaofstyle@yahoo.com to order one for yourself!)

  Also, I noticed a few people unfollowed me within the past couple of days. I take no offense, as I realize maybe my blogging style isn't for everyone and all people have the right to follow/unfollow as they please-but it does make you wonder; why the unfollow? what was it that caused them to come to that decision? If I ever start going off the deep end, endlessly rambling about cats and chicken fingers, let my deep seeded and repressed love for all things Romeo+Juliet (yes, duh, the Leo one) take over every word I type, or just start to drive you marginally crazier than usual- PLEASE tell me. My readers mean so much to me, and I'd pretty much do anything for yews guys. (Well, maybe not anything, but you can bet your turkish meat balls I'd at least hear you out!)

I've been less worried and analytical of what I choose to share on here lately, and maybe that very fact right there is what's driving (a few, yes, only a few, but allow my dramatization to run it's course) people away. But hey, I've finally come to terms with the fact that this blog is a representation of me, and I just happen to be a very strange and arguably neurotic character. So, if you can't deal with my weirdness, then you're better off un-following anywho! Cause I pretty much guarantee..it's only gonna get weirder from here on out.

(I may be high on carpet cleaner fumes at the moment, so if I decide to delete/edit this post at a later (and clearer minded) time; I reserve the right to do so!)


vv please hype!! vv

bad assery

these ladies are bad asssssss, here's to hoping that with age comes bad ass-ery...
(think I just made up a new word..?)

Happy Monday kittenssss!

p.s. YAYY! You guyyyzzz, I finally fixed the missing comment link issue!! ATLASTTT!
Comment your hearts out & leave me something funny to come home to- it will make my day!
photo via tumblr



  Just a few crappy webcam photos of what I wore on my brother & cousin's coinciding Birthday. Do ignore the make-up-less eyes, I've been having some maddd eye allergies and wanted to give them a breather (and you kind of forget all the glory that is mascara until you go without it for a day). I picked up the tangerine colored knit tank top for a steal at good ol' Salvo and decided to give it some (mindless) sprucing up by cutting it into an assymetrical crop. Ideal for pairing with my treasure trove of high waisted-ness. I really need to learn to take my time when it comes to altering my thrifted finds, I decide to make a snip here or bring it in a bit there and carelessly go about my way without properly alligning or measuring anything. True confessions of an impulsive craft do-er. I've used way too many grammatically incorrect statements/suffixes in this post, so I think I should go back to sipping my coffee..and maybe read a book while I'm at it.




Just checkin up on my favorite blogs as I usually do, and see my face on flippin ORACLE FOX! My jaw just hit the flooorrrrrrrr.. I lub you forever Mandy. See me in her recent post,



  Just thought I'd share a few recent photos of the S.O.S. 'Beach Rat' shredded wrap. It's my current favorite item of all the shredded madness I've been making. CLICK HERE (or e-mail me at seaofstyle@yahoo.com) to order one for your foiinne seyulf-(also available in black and grey). Things have been crazy lately. Whether I'm stressing and worrying about all the many things I need to accomplish before my surgery and in the coming year (usually causing me to sweat profusely and eat endless bowls of ice cream and coco crispies while sobbing and watching bachelor pad-true, sad, story my friends), feeling restless and not having any means of transporting myself to all the many places I'd rather be (which will hopefully no longer be an issue in a couple of weeks-fingers crossed), or nannying for hours and acting like a kid (which obviously entails wrestling, hide and seek, junk food, nickelodeon, x-box just dance, and calling people boogers all while giggling maniacally) only to return home and spend another unsaid amount of time planning and stressing over my website (usually resulting in four to five cups of green tea, type-crop-edit-drag-alter-type-resize-and repeat, two to three nail polish changes, and not falling asleep til at least 3 am). Too. much. in. my. head. And trying to organize all of my thoughts and type them out in an orderly fashion is making me dizzy. Even though it's stressful and feels like it may well be impossible to achieve all of my goals and follow through on all of my plans in my current state, it's kind of exciting to feel challenged. I can see everything that I want laid out infront of me and now, it's up to me to go out and get it. I have not lost all hope, and that is (in big part) thanks to netflix and my dogs for keeping me sane. Anyone else feeling the impending doom, I mean, pressure of future goals and big changes that need to be taking effect?

  Anyways, on to another subject. Today is two of my favorite people's days of birth. My brother Dillon, and my cousin (more like half-brother..our dad's are identical twinsies) Errol. They are two cool cats, and they make my life ever interesting and fun. Love them. <3 Happy Birthday muddda bruddaaasss.

  Oh, and can you guys help me out? I am in need of advice. I am considering making the leap and investing in a superrr nice DSLR camera; which in all actuality I REALLY need (for my blog, website, S.O.S., and all my many many projects that are in the works at all times). I've done quite a bit of research and think I've found a winner, the Nikon D5100- the price is right and all the reviews have been reassuring. I can already imagine all the amazing photo shoots and day to day pictures I will inevitably take....What do you think? Should I go for it? I'd love to get some input because trust me when I say, I AM THE MOST INDECISIVE PERSON IN THIS WORLD.  Yup.
Atleast I'm not afraid to admit it.



it's empty in the valley of your heart

The sun, it rises slowly as you walk

Away from all the fears
And all the faults you've left behind


all photos via tumblr
lyrics: Mumford and Sons- The Cave


moonlight,wanderers pt.2

The remaining photos from me and Lulu's late night adventures last week.

  So I've just recently received my first few blog-related hate messages. Though I realize it goes a long with the territory-and I am not one to be offended by cowardly remarks made by those thoughtless individuals who hide behind the anonymity that the internet so openly provides- I just can't help but to address this subject head on. My blog is a personal space in which I express my dreams, goals, thoughts, inspirations, and whatever else I feel like sharing from my life. I created it as an outlet to share these things with others and to build connections with like-minded people who may relate or find a common bond with me. I realize at times I may not put my whole-hearted effort into every post, and sometimes I get lazy and share poor quality photos from my phone or lack original, profound, or well thought out words. That is something I want to work on going forward (saving up for a nicer camera and preparing posts in advance-even posting poems or short stories from my personal journal), but I think that is also something that makes my blog relatable. We as people aren't always perfect, entertaining, dressed up+made up, or brimming with witty remarks and interesting things to share. Sometimes we are boring, sometimes we're lazy, and sometimes we are just plain un-inspired. That's reality. So my point is simply this, if you don't like my blog and what I choose to post & share about- adios! Save your negativity for someone else and don't bother wasting both of our time by sending a message or leaving a comment that I will likely delete (but will most likely post just to put your ignorance on display and to make a point out of you). And to those of you who have been put down by spammers and anonymous hate: if they're taking the time to focus on you, be flattered, because obviously your life is much more interesting than theirs.



this place was never the same again

(I'm wearing: Lu's vintage tank, leopard scarf as a headwrap, printed skirt, and knit wrap, my own H&M booties, misc. accessories. Lulu is wearing: her own vintage floral & lace blazer and high waisted shorts, my thrifted tank and vintage gold collar necklace)

continuation of previous post....
I wanted our outfits to be very different from eachother.
more photos to come.