only to come back as pure as gold


Summer is winding down. The mornings lately have been long and grey, the blue skies hidden beneath a blanket of thick and swirling pewter; only to burn off and reveal the brightest and hottest afternoons in a while. I've been working/crafting in my room all day-making some amazing new tops (stay tuned!), hanging up pictures, and re-doing my inspiration board while mindlessly singing along to an Angels and Airwaves play list. Sometimes I lose track of time, and I just sit and watch the light in my room change from dim and cold to golden and glowing. I imagine future adventures in my mind and play them out like a movie. I fall asleep to the sound of the wind in the Palms and my own hushed breathing. August evenings are so peaceful and still, I've been taking photos of the skyline as the sun hangs just above the ocean each day. I've always had this impulse to document each small memory and moment in time, because then you have it to hold onto forever. I am what I like to call a 'memory hoarder'. I save every note, birthday card, drawing, movie ticket, fortune, receipt, and random scrap that may hold any bit of sentimental value; and when it comes to clearing out the collection, I have a very hard time parting with even the smallest or seemingly unimportant item. I'm just weird that way. Here I go losing track of time again. Only have an hour to eat and get ready before nannying tonight, so I better get to it. Hope everyone has a fun and safe Friday night! I'll be watching Disney and playing dress up, oh hellz yeah.


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  1. Loved this post. Such beautiful pictures! I always enjoy reading your blog. Stop by mine and follow if you like!