when you leave me, you take away everything

(wearing: MinkPink bustier via Nastygal, S.O.S. grey shredded wrap, thrifted skirt,
e-bayed sunnies, DIY crystal necklace, F21 sandals)

Sitting in my room listening to early afternoon noises through my open window. My mind is blank, my head hurts, and my cup of tea is nearly empty. I want to run out my front door and keep running until I feel like I've escaped all the frustrations that are tugging at my happiness. Life is so short, and sometimes I get angry when other people waste time that could be spent doing anything and everything caught up in the past and dragging others down with them. Not to say I've never done this myself, we've all been guilty of it at some point. I've been spending too many nights caught up deep in thought. Thinking of my past, present, and future. What I want vs. what I need..do any of us really know what we need? I just want a full life. To create, to smile each day, to be a good person. Don't really know what I'm going on about right now, so bare with me. I guess it's just one of those days. I lost my voice a couple of days a go. It was so frustrating to feel as if I couldn't communicate or be heard-in the literal sense. I think we all at times feel like we can't quite express what we're feeling or thinking inside in a compilation of words. Feelings are too complex to sum up that easily. Especially when you're like me, and your emotions run wild and get the best of you. I used to hate that about myself, but over time, I've started to realize that I'd much rather be full of emotion and thought
than an empty shell of a person.

It's beautiful outside, I think I'm going to take a walk.
Sunshine and fresh air is exactly what I need.


p.s. The grey shredded wrap is one of my favorite S.O.S. creations, I throw it on over everything. Available in other colors as well! E-mail me at Seaofstyle@yahoo.com if you are interested..or just add the S.O.S. facebook page and place your order there!

post title lyrics- Best Coast, Our Deal
photos taken by my beautiful sister Danaan


  1. i loove your skirt!!

  2. dear you look so beutifull here i love your style!
    +where did you get this amazing skirt looks so perfect!!

  3. I love this outfit. Your hair is absolutely beautiful! I'm so jealous of it. I love the flowly and fresh feel of this outfit, and your writing was absolutely gorgeous! So happy I'm following!



  4. Love it! that wrap is awesome and seems to be so versatile, and the color of the skirt is great.


  5. wow! what a beautiful hair :) outfit is great :)

  6. Good god you've got amazing hair! just sublime! genius outfit! xxo -nb