nice to meet me

(wearing: thrifted burgundy knit, e-bayed sunglasses, lace tap shorts from Nastgal,
Aldo clog boots, F21/vintage/handmade jewlery)

  Random outfit from sometime over the past weeeek (please forgive the giaaant wrinkle in the middle of my sweater..it's driving the ocd nutcase within me crrrazzzy). I've been so happy lately, and I've been beginning to realize more and more that happiness truly is a choice; one that I hope to choose as often as possible.

currently listening to: 'New Soul' by Yael Naim - neverrr gets old

current activity: procrastinating on a few things that neeeed to get done, sipping on some iced coffee, and getting ready to head to the beach and go paddle boarding

current book: The Book Thief

current guilty pleasure: pizza and The Real Housewives of New Jersey

current favorite quote: "Happiness is achieved when we overcome the fear of the unknown, love the possibility of a new beginning, smile until it feels true again, and find the peace that follows"


(p.s. my title is a little play on a line from one of my favorite episodes of The Office everrrrr...
if you are an office nerd like I am you will most likely know what I'm talking about heh heh heh)


focus on------->happiness



 What I wore for lunch and enjoying a beautiful day with my love..


          happy saturday


all photos via tumblr



Just a quickie (casual) outfit post! I've had a crazy whirlwind of a week so far, and it's only getting me that much for excited for Summer and all the many adventures and new opportunities it will bring. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some much needed sunshine as I have been. Did anyone else see Hangover 2 yet? Me and the boyf headed to the midnight premiere on Wednesday, it was just the right amount of hilllaaarrrrious ridiculousness in my book!

(wearing: Janelle over-sized striped top, random old denim shorts,
99cent store sunglasses, H&M leopard print shoes)





all images via tumblr


il bel far niente


  Time spent relaxing and dreaming of the future in my room, my own little sanctuary, is some of my most sought after. There are so many things to be done, plans to be made, and goals to strive towards-but sometimes it's important to take a minute to enjoy the beauty of nothingness. To let time swirl about you for a while as you make an effort to really be content and happy in what you have right now, right this very second; to just be.

 “Il bel far niente”- 'the beauty of doing nothing' in Italian


(wearing: DIY cut off tank, For Good fringe vest,
thrifted DIY denim cut offs, misc. accessories)