il bel far niente


  Time spent relaxing and dreaming of the future in my room, my own little sanctuary, is some of my most sought after. There are so many things to be done, plans to be made, and goals to strive towards-but sometimes it's important to take a minute to enjoy the beauty of nothingness. To let time swirl about you for a while as you make an effort to really be content and happy in what you have right now, right this very second; to just be.

 “Il bel far niente”- 'the beauty of doing nothing' in Italian


(wearing: DIY cut off tank, For Good fringe vest,
thrifted DIY denim cut offs, misc. accessories)


  1. So true. I need to spend more time alone/just relaxing. I think it would make me a lot less frantic, ha ha. I just looked through your blog and you have been looking so pretty lately, I loved your desert pictures.

  2. This is so true! You said it all :)

  3. i love those shorts! and im currently perfecting the art of doing nothing.

  4. Gorgeous .. as always!
    love those ripped shorts.

    Peace & Love

  5. dude, i want to tatto that quote!
    you've inspired me, im just gunna do nothing tonight, just chill :)

    ... oh and your Gorgeous.xoxox

  6. Thank you girlss! I love the quote too :)