a few random shots from some adventures around la a few weeks back. I thought these photos were apropz given the information I am going to attempt to share in a somewhat sensical manner (which probably isn't going to work out because I can't even process it myself). I apologize for disappearing off the face of the earth, but I promise I have a somewhat valid excuse? mokay, scratch that, cause excuses are bullsh*$ but regardless, it's safe to say life has been pretty chaotic lately and my blog has been neglected in the midst of it all. I know I have mentioned at least once or twice that I had been planning on moving to LA. It was something I wanted so badly, but wasn't really sure if it would work out- at least as quickly as I had wanted it to. Over the past couple weeks, my desire to move here had increased immensely. This was all because I finally had the opportunity to meet the rest of my blogger friends and somehow the universe magically brought us all to eachother at the same time for different reasons and it didn't take long for me to come to the conclusion that these people are my soul mates. Just to keep you all up to speed, our group (our group...lol who AM I...sorry in advance for deciding that you are all now a part of a 'group' guys...an elite group....a parrot party) now adds up to Madeline, Brit, Isabel, Rachel, Casey, Sabella, Selena, Larissa, Taylor, and Blake. Every single one of them is literally perfect, and when we get together it's like this amazing frickin force field of awesomeness. So, with the help and support of my amazing friends, I made the decision to move up to LA and couch surf whilst looking for a consistent job and living situation. SOMEHOW SOMEWAY the universe is lining everything up just so, and everything is falling into place in a way I could have never imagined. I have way too much on my mind to articulate or express properly...but long story short, I am now living in a magical witch hippy fairy house with Brit and Enaia (who will be starting a blog soon too and will blow you away with her beauty and amazingness) and all my wildest dreams for my life are somehow coming to fruition. I couldn't feel more blessed or excited for what's to come. Life is such an amazing adventure, and if you always radiate love and positivity no matter how much negativity surrounds you and threatens to pull you down, I promise that love and light will be reflected back towards you.


I promise I'll do a more substantial, photo filled post very soon!!!



(wearing: vintage diy dip dyed shorts, diy crop, h&m boots, Solemio lace wrap, diy beanie, ebayed sunglasses)

what is liiiiiiife, like seriously. Isabel and I have been using this term up the hooha lately cause seriously, whatttttt. isss. itttt. It's hard to understand at times, but it's also amazingly awesome. and I feel so lucky to have met such all around great and perfect people lately. I finally got to meet Isabel, Rachel, Larissa, Selena, and Sabella in the past week and I felt so instantaneously connected to them it was insane. I am so stoked to be living in close vicinity to all these people, and of course Madeline and Brit too! a lot of intense and life changing stuff has been taking place, but I have been realizing that if you accept what you can't control and keep being true to yourself then everything will fall into place exactly how it's meant to...eventually.