all mixed up

(wearing: thrifted sweater and striped button up, leggings c/o choies, demonia creepers, ebayed sunglasses from my boyfriend)
just a quick outfit post from my cave of blankets (these photos were taken a week or so a go). choies just sent me these leggings (as well as the amazing button up seen here) and I am obsessed. they confuse people so much, which makes them even better in my book- "what do those say? what's that sign there on the bottom?" I sure as heck don't know but I love them all the more for it. side note, it's getting colder here by the day and I'm not handling it very well. let's just say I am very much looking forward to my next venture to a warmer climate-and in the mean time I'll just be living under a pile of blankets drinking coffee by the pot.


a little less than a human being

all photos from tumblr

thought I'd share a mini playlist of songs I've been listening to non stop lately.

1. A Fond Farewell- Elliot Smith cover by Errol Wilson (my bff/cousin/brother, and this cover is seriously too good)
2. you wish you were red- trailer trash tracys
2. rosa- grimes
3. be a body- grimes
4. buzzcut season- lorde
*I have all of the songs above on my tumblr playlist- you can hear them here: sea of dreamers
5. people are strange- the doors
6. riders on the storm- the doors
7. godless- the dandy warhols
8. mohammed- the dandy warhols
9. i wrote in blood- still corners
10. ode to my family- the cranberries
11. my god is the sun- queens of the stoneage



every part of me says, go ahead

(wearing: vintage coat & corduroy bell bottoms,  thrifted tee and sweater, e-bayed sunglasses from my boyfriend, necklaces from my mom & brother)
oh lifeeeee, why you move so fast girl?! my brain is fumbling for words today so I'm gonna keep it short. found these bell bottoms at a local thrift store a couple weeks back and started doing a happy dance and making excited 'eeeeeeeheeeeheee' noises. people in this town just don't appreciate the joy thrifting brings to the heart and soul guyz! they all wanna shop at, like, the mall. or dick's sporting goods. or wal mart. and that's just fine with me...
which leads me to my next topic
my etsy will be up & running again within the week and I'll be adding lots of cool shtufffff so be sure to check back for updates!
also, you're all awesome.


veins full of disappearing ink

am I emotionally self destructive?
I know I am (overly) sensitive and introspective,
but I am beginning to wonder whether my seemingly constant emotional struggle may be, in part, of my own doing. I'm starting to wonder if there is a part of me that craves the confusion, the hurting, and building it all back up again. I have this deep desire to feel everything to it's highest of highs and lowest of lows. When I love, I love with every ounce of myself. And when I've reached a wall, I find myself feeling lost and overwhelmed and I can't stop obsessing until I've found a new path of opportunity and experience that brings new life to my spirit. I am overwhelmed by a lot. Society being a huge part of that. What it tries, and a lot of the time-succeeds- to turn us in to. With this darkness crowding my skull, I've found that I am observing and listening more. But I have also been questioning (to a fault) everything I experience and feel. Is it true? Is it sincere? so many why's. My heart is pulling me in so many directions, I know I wont feel content until I stop ignoring it's rhythmic whispers.



dark dayz

(wearing: LNA cut out sweater, black undershirt T by Alexander Wang {stolen from my boyfrennn}, vintage Levi's cut into shorts, thrifted boots,
diy choker with cross from my grandma, crystal necklace from my mama, vintage rosary)
So I'm bracing myself for my second Michigan winter. It hasn't even dropped below 40 yet and it's already TOO MOTHER EFFIN COLD. And dark. It get's dark at like six, and I go into straight up hibernation mode and walk around swaddled in blankets with flannel pajama pants awkwardly half tucked into my boots. every once in a while I ( reluctantly) wear real clothes though. the funny thing is I get less strange looks in the pajama boot combo previously mentioned than I do in my 'normal clothes'. whatevs.

Also, as I know I have mentioned before- the thrift stores here are seriously too good to be true. I got these boots at volunteers of America for literally 2 dollars. Just one of many coveted finds. My boyfriend got me a computer for my birthday (YIPEEEEKAAAAYAAAYYYY)
 so I will finaaaalllly  be posting some of my best finds on my etsy.
I'm finally getting my shit together yallllll



collars and music and stuff

(wearing: button up c/o choies, thrifted skirt, vintage shoes, vintage polaroid sunglasses from my boyfriend)
It's either invisible brows or super bold brows for me lately, nothin inbetween. How perfect is this top?! Choies sent it to me a couple of weeks a go and I've been layering it under sweaters obsessively. I've become extremely fond of collared shirts. And layering. It's been so frrrikin cold lately I make whimpering noises when I step outside in my 3000 layers and it's not even near the worst of it yet.
I've been taking a lot more photos lately, now it's just a matter of posting them.
other things:
I've become totally obsessed with haim, 
here's some of their stuff cause it's awesome.
(and so are they-and they're sisters!! I miss my sisters so much :/)