collars and music and stuff

(wearing: button up c/o choies, thrifted skirt, vintage shoes, vintage polaroid sunglasses from my boyfriend)
It's either invisible brows or super bold brows for me lately, nothin inbetween. How perfect is this top?! Choies sent it to me a couple of weeks a go and I've been layering it under sweaters obsessively. I've become extremely fond of collared shirts. And layering. It's been so frrrikin cold lately I make whimpering noises when I step outside in my 3000 layers and it's not even near the worst of it yet.
I've been taking a lot more photos lately, now it's just a matter of posting them.
other things:
I've become totally obsessed with haim, 
here's some of their stuff cause it's awesome.
(and so are they-and they're sisters!! I miss my sisters so much :/)



  1. Wow, you look amazing!! I really love the top, and the bold brows on you.



  2. that top and your hair look super rad <3
    you're a queen from another planet

  3. I can't get over your hair! I'm obsessed!
    wish I could dye it like that but it is too freaking dark..anyway..I'm into bold brows too..been for a while now..my sisters just got tired of telling me to wax those Frida Kahlo twins..but I won't, I like my big eyebrows natural like that... looking forward to those pics..I like your style a lot..stay cool!

  4. you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty! *_*