Holiday Weekend

A blackout, food, fun, and a trip to Laguna with the pups. This last Holiday weekend was full of laughter and surprises, including a power-outage the night before Thanksgiving (which made baking pies a weeee bit difficult since our oven is electric)-but hey, we made the best of it curling up in blankets and enjoying the dull glow from a few battery powered faux-candles.



December 2010



You've paid me well in memories

A windy day spent shopping & sipping on truffle hot chocolate with my boyfriend. After a late lunch we headed to a cafe for some treats while people watching from the warmth of a cozy corner table before braving the chilly air and heading out to see The Next Three Days; which was so good! Not that I expected any less from Russell Crowe, but Elizabeth Banks hasn't played too many serious roles (that I've seen at least) and I was surprised to say the least about her job of portraying Russell's wrongly incarcerated wife. It was an amazing night and I rather enjoyed the dropping temps while bundled up in layers, I even donned my knit gloves for the first time of the Season!


wearing: Collective Concepts striped pocket top, thrifted denim button up, Doki Geki military jacket, Eunina black skinnies, Nature Breeze combat boots, misc. accessories


the blues

wind in your hair, a song in the air
the chill of the season swirls with despair
it howls at the windows, beckons to be welcomed in
but it's left to brave the world all alone once again




A few photos taken last week when I was headed out for a trip to the movies with my boyfriend. The weather was growing chilly-er, I had been resting the majority of the day (due to whip lash from a minor car accident that recently occurred) curled up in blankets watching New in Town dreaming of snow days, and I was overjoyed by the early hanging of a few strings of Christmas lights. I was thoroughly enjoying the roominess and warmth of my new purple knit on this particularly frigid night.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! I loaded up on turkey, stuffing, caramelized sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, pie(S), and much more which then lead straight to a complete and utter food coma. It was such a nice day & I capped it off curled up by the fire watching Man vs. Food. Here's to wishing for many days of happiness ahead with the oncoming Holiday season!


wearing: thrifted purple knit, Piko faux fur vest, F21 leggings with faux leather detail, vintage boots, misc. accessories


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone enjoys a day of delicious food surrounded by loved ones!