(wearing: look 1color trip garter leggings c/o NASTYGAL, DARKER choker, vintage tank, thrifted velcro sandals, ebayed sunglasses from my boyfriend, misc. accessories. look 2- color trip garter leggings c/o NASTYGAL, LNA purple sweater, vintage jellies)
I'm sad to admit that once again I've let far too much time pass in between posts. However, I do have a somewhat valid excuse. I recently packed up my entire life and moved across the country to live with my boyfriend in Michigan. There has been a lot of change in a short amount of time, but needless to say I am so very happy and things are finally starting to fall into place (more on that later). The horrible news is that my computer crashed the first night of my cross country road trip with my mom. I plugged in my laptop in our motel room, it blue screened, decided to be a stubborn tird and wouldn't let me access system restore (or anything besides a blank screen for that matter) and it's been hasta la vista computadora ever since. BLAH. As if it couldn't get any worse, my boyfriend's MAC crashed literally two days later. I wish I was making this up, but apparently technology hates us right now. THANKFULLY, Brandon is letting me use his sacred work computer to get some blogging in while we try and figure something else out.
SO HERE I AM *awkward lipless shmiegel smile*
In other more exciting news, I was recently contacted by Nastygal to do a little blog collab! They sent me these perfect, beautiful, psychedelic dream leggings a couple weeks back **WHICH ARE NOW ON SALE HERE!!!** and since I was a little delayed in posting, I thought I would include two different looks. everybody loves a twoferrrrrr. I wish I could have an entire body suit made up of rainbow velvet, I'd wear it every day and smile at myself in the mirror whilst saying 'you are the epitome of cool, dudette.'
ALSO. The choker I am wearing in the first look was hand made by my genius boyfriend. These photos do it no justice whatsoever so I will have to do a proper post about it separately. His new site for DARKER is under construction so I will share a link as soon as it's up. He is literally the craftiest person I know, and constantly inspiring me to keep pushing myself and to never stop creating. SERIOUSLY GUYS. MAKE STUFF. doesn't matter what, or how, just do it. It fills you with a sense of happiness and fulfillment nearly nothing else can touch.