24HRS debut lookbook
photography- graham dunn
male model- gryphon o'shea (&me)
stylist- brit nason of tunnel vision
makeup- kali kennedy
hair- ramsell martinez of streeters

24HRS website just launched and you need to do yourself a favor and check them out!
I posted almost all of the photos, but click here to see the full lookbook.

instagram- @open24hrs
facebook- facebook.com/supershop24hrs.com




hey guyzz!!
wanted to share something with you that I am pretty freakin excited about.
this saturday ( june 1st ) I will be taking part in a little trunk show/pop up shop at del mar beauty in san clemente! I will be selling some of my vintage & vintage renewal pieces, and there will also be lots of cute swimsuits by dvit swimwear.
It's gonna be supa fun and if you are in the area you should definitely stop by and say hi!

5-8 pm @ 150 avenida del mar in san clemente




everything mamadoux-designed and created by elliott beach
styled and photographed by palma wright
makeup by me

I recently met up to shoot and hangout with my friend Palma, we started talking on instagram and have been trying to meet up for almost a year. we finallyyyy set a date and she was even more sweet, hilarious, and talented than I had imagined. She is the president and face of Mamadoux, an amazingly original clothing line. All of the pieces are designed and made by her boyfriend Elliott Beach (who is incredibly kind and humble). She does everything from makeup & styling to photography and model scouting. Together they are a creative force, and the fact that they are so awesome and fun to hang out with kinda just seems too good to be true. Check out their facebook page here and follow them on instagram! @hateboy2 @elliottbeach @_mamadoux_

also check out my friend heather's work. She is the sweetest, and such a great hair stylist and makeup artist.
instagram @heatherroseharris



in bloom

(wearing: vintage harley davidson tank, vintage skort, thrifted sunglasses)

The past few days have been really amazing for me. I am actually following through on my goals and it feels good to work at actively being the best version of yourself. I've been sewing like a madwoman and I can't wait to share some of the results soooon. Today I woke up and listened to some music, sewed a few things together (that will be up for sale on my etsy soon), enjoyed a delicious organic juice [[cucumber, lemon, mint, & honey]] my sister made for me, and spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in the ocean with my mom and sisters. It was so beautiful and perfect.

follow my daily adventures on my instagram! @seaghna



I'd forgotten the beauty in mornings at my dad's house. My bedroom aglow with dim purple light. The air is calm and warm, and there's this stillness I wish I could contain in words. Mornings used to be the hardest for me when I was sad, because it's then that you are reminded of whatever sleep allotted you to forget; but now, it's the nights. Trying to soothe your tangled mind and quiet your thoughts enough to rest your eyes. Mornings are the promise of something new, better. I've been trying to look deep inside myself and discover the part of me that invites in negative energy from others, and then why I am so sensitive to it. Noone has the power to shake your inner state but yourself, so am I weak because I am so rattled by external turmoil? I don't think so. What I am realizing is that we are all more connected and knowing than we realize. We sense things, feel things- some of us are more intune with that than others.
But I know I am going to stop beating myself up over my innate tendency towards sensitivity.
I'm a feeler.




my eyes don't want to open
they don't want to see
the lack of you, what is left of me
mornings are frigid
bones ache and shift
the sun is golden, taunting
pointing glowing fingers at the rift
it's real and it's dark
like a wood dwelling banshee
singing songs of woe
crying out for infinity
but what is forever
without my shiny wholesome moon
who lights up my dark
and leaves me all too soon
without the touch of a summer wind
or the whisper of the sea
no, I want none of you, forever
until my love is next to me


photos via tumblr
poem written for my love