rainbow warriors;take the night

I've been so excited about posting these pictures, Lulu and I always have the best time running around bein' weirdos and doing random photo shoots. Looking at these pictures has me missing the vivid purple hair reeeaaaaal bad. I AM SO INDECISIVE. Atleast I admit it. Lately I have been overwhelmed with the number of ideas and thoughts crowding my head; they all swirl about with no order or rhythym and make it hard to focus in on any one thing. My recent anecdote to this ever plaguing issue is to set little goals for myself each day. I have been swimming daily, eating healthier (sometimes), and sorting through all the pictures that keep piling up. I miss posting more frequently. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment and keeps me inspired. Sometimes we neglect to aknowledge that staying inspired is a matter of staying positive, moving forward, and always always doing what you love. Life has been moving at such a fast pace lately, it's easy to let the moments fall through the cracks- but it's also served as somewhat of an awakening.
Life is beautiful, sounds so trite, but it's so so true.




(wearing: diy cut up men's walmart tee, vintage hand made shoes, ebay sunglasses, tiger purse from my childhood)

YAY ME, I actuallllly made it to the purple hair pictures! Even though this was about three (four? five?) hair color stages a go, it makes me so happy to look at. The purple was so vibrant and fun, I kinda miss it! I am inbetween colors right now and having a reaaaal hard time deciding what to do next. This shirt is kind of amazing. One of my friends posted a photo wearing it and I immediately hounded her for details on where I could pick one up for myself. To my suprise her response was the men's clothing section of walfart. OF ALL PLACES. I went there the next day and nearly shed a tear when I found one lasttttt XL hidden in the far corner. Took it home and cut it up and have worn it approximately 101 times since. OH, and these shoes; not only are they handmade from Bali but they have tiny palm trees painted on the wood.
AND they were 2 bucks at Salvation Army. *insert suave eyebrow raise*



out with the old?

(wearing: thrifted fringed poncho and floral dress, vintage boots and head scarf)

STILL posting old pictures. and when I say old, I mean these were taken on Easter-old. PHUEY. I apologize but I swearrrr I am making some progress in getting this blog more up to date! I have been away from home for almost a week now. It's been really nice to get away for a little bit, but also quite strange because I'm so used to being home all the time. aaaaaaaand....it's Summer!! When did this happen? It seems like every time I turn around another week has passed by. I cannot even begin to express how excited I am for the next few months, and how excited I am to document all my adventures and share them with all of you! Going to spend the rest of the day editing pictures, responding to a longgg list of unanswered emails, and watching breaking bad. I am finally on season three and shiz is gettin' REEEAAAALLLL. Then off to LA Art Walk tonight!




my first ever installment of instagram pick-chuuurs

be expectin' lots more of these,
cause since I am such a procrastinator/lazy blogger lately
this is the easiest way to share little bits of what I've been up to

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