(wearing: DIY grey long tail tee with cut out detail, thrifted velvet long sleeve as a skirt,
 S.O.S. crystal necklace, F21 headband, misc. accessories)

  A mix of photos taken over the past couple days. Greek yogurt with honey & blue berries, flowers (making Spring feel almost real) infront of my boyfriend's house, sunlight through my blinds, looking out my window at watercolor skies, and my most recent t-shirt DIY;a long tail with cut-out detail; it actually took a lot longer than I had anticipated! These past few days my mind has been a mix of thoughts, projects that need to be done, S.O.S. design ideas, etc. and it just seems I'm unable to keep up with my own desire to be productive. But on a positive note, my ankle is -slowly-healing, and I can't help but yearn for long Summer days and new adventures. I want change; change in environment, change in daily routine, change in expectations. Thankfully, with this April comes mine and Gil's 3rd anniversary- I'm so excited and giddy at the thought that it's so close, and cannot wait to escape for a weekend away with my love. It's sure to help stifle my cravings of travel until I have saved enough $$ to embark on a REAL adventure, to somewhere far away..

what travel destination are you day-dreaming of?




All photos taken by my brother, from his blog Afternoon Glass. I really love his photography, he has a way of capturing the smallest of moments and tiniest details & bringing them to life.


(p.s. I somewhat messed up the quality of the photos in the midst of saving/resizing-
they're much more clear and vibrant on his blog !)



Shulami bright pink scoop back top, vintage Liz Claiborne diy cut-offs, diy necklace, misc. accessories





it's fun to lose and to pretend

flowers for my Ama's 80th Birthday, driving along the coast in Laguna, carved wooden lanterns at The Royal Hawaiian, my outfit for a trip to the movies with my boyfriend & my reeaally cute aircast

This weekend has been one of the best in quite a while. I finally got a (hideous,huge,awkward,heavy) aircast so I can once again walk on my left foot. I'm terribly clumsy without having an enormous chunk of plastic strapped to one foot, so you can imagine my current situation-but it isss extremely more convenient than hopping around like a maniac. After a productive Friday and a craft-filled Saturday, I headed out to dinner with my mom and sisters to celebrate my Ama's 80th Birthday. Then it was off to the movies with my boyfriend Gil to see The Adjustment Bureau-which was amazing-I lovvve me some Emily Blunt (and Matt Damon's not too shabby either..he he). Sunday was spent with Tania (my boyfriend's sister and also one of my close friends)  grabbing a late lunch at Mahe` along with Susi (Tania & Gil's mom) feasting on coconut shrimp, the Mi Novia roll (crab+avocado+topped with pico de gallo), and green tea ice cream. The food was amazing, the weather was perfect, and there was even live music. We then headed over to my boyfriend and his brother Danny's soccer game; and Tania and I topped the night off with a junk food binge (I'm talkin swedish fish, sour patch watermelons, hot cheetos, fruity pebbles..the list goes on. Don't judge.) and a movie. All in all, I'd have to say this weekend was a huge success. Sorry for rambling..
too many cups of coffee this morning. :)


[wearing my new long tail skirt from Nastygal, Lucca Couture tank, vintage floral print vest, Audrey blazer, vintage Nine West flatform wedges, misc. accessories]



  I am an introvert, an observer of all things happening, growing, and transforming around me. I feel too much, think too much, hope too much, love too much. I hurt when others suffer, I smile when others find happiness. I'm an earth-born seeker of light, my mind & heart are constantly floating above the clouds-dreaming and knowing with a gut wrenching sense of awareness that there is more to this life than collecting paper and impressing others with false smiles and insincere conversation- there is more to this life than merely existing. My spirit is lively, more 'real' than this vessel in which it's bound, it pushes at the seams and tries to escape; to wander among the stars and to be whole heartedly free is what it yearns for. What I yearn for. I often look forward to sleep, to become lost within the land of dreams, I feel there is a realness, a tangibility, to dreams. Most of the time they are far too vivid and brimming with emotion to be nothing more than a forgotten whisper of the mind's subconscious. The dreams in which I fly are by far the most revered, for it is then that I truly feel at one with my soul-free and soaring above all that could aim to hurt me, a state of pure divinity and peace.


photo sources: hardtoexplain,unkown(s)