it's fun to lose and to pretend

flowers for my Ama's 80th Birthday, driving along the coast in Laguna, carved wooden lanterns at The Royal Hawaiian, my outfit for a trip to the movies with my boyfriend & my reeaally cute aircast

This weekend has been one of the best in quite a while. I finally got a (hideous,huge,awkward,heavy) aircast so I can once again walk on my left foot. I'm terribly clumsy without having an enormous chunk of plastic strapped to one foot, so you can imagine my current situation-but it isss extremely more convenient than hopping around like a maniac. After a productive Friday and a craft-filled Saturday, I headed out to dinner with my mom and sisters to celebrate my Ama's 80th Birthday. Then it was off to the movies with my boyfriend Gil to see The Adjustment Bureau-which was amazing-I lovvve me some Emily Blunt (and Matt Damon's not too shabby either..he he). Sunday was spent with Tania (my boyfriend's sister and also one of my close friends)  grabbing a late lunch at Mahe` along with Susi (Tania & Gil's mom) feasting on coconut shrimp, the Mi Novia roll (crab+avocado+topped with pico de gallo), and green tea ice cream. The food was amazing, the weather was perfect, and there was even live music. We then headed over to my boyfriend and his brother Danny's soccer game; and Tania and I topped the night off with a junk food binge (I'm talkin swedish fish, sour patch watermelons, hot cheetos, fruity pebbles..the list goes on. Don't judge.) and a movie. All in all, I'd have to say this weekend was a huge success. Sorry for rambling..
too many cups of coffee this morning. :)


[wearing my new long tail skirt from Nastygal, Lucca Couture tank, vintage floral print vest, Audrey blazer, vintage Nine West flatform wedges, misc. accessories]


  1. you rock that cast like no other babe

  2. Your hair is so increadably long and pretty!! amaized! hope your leg gets better soon!

  3. i totally agree with 1st comment ;)
    take care!

  4. wow awesome blog, i had to follow! gorgeous outfit+jewellery+accessories. love your hair, it's beautiful and mermaid-like!
    thanks for your comment :)