(wearing: DIY grey long tail tee with cut out detail, thrifted velvet long sleeve as a skirt,
 S.O.S. crystal necklace, F21 headband, misc. accessories)

  A mix of photos taken over the past couple days. Greek yogurt with honey & blue berries, flowers (making Spring feel almost real) infront of my boyfriend's house, sunlight through my blinds, looking out my window at watercolor skies, and my most recent t-shirt DIY;a long tail with cut-out detail; it actually took a lot longer than I had anticipated! These past few days my mind has been a mix of thoughts, projects that need to be done, S.O.S. design ideas, etc. and it just seems I'm unable to keep up with my own desire to be productive. But on a positive note, my ankle is -slowly-healing, and I can't help but yearn for long Summer days and new adventures. I want change; change in environment, change in daily routine, change in expectations. Thankfully, with this April comes mine and Gil's 3rd anniversary- I'm so excited and giddy at the thought that it's so close, and cannot wait to escape for a weekend away with my love. It's sure to help stifle my cravings of travel until I have saved enough $$ to embark on a REAL adventure, to somewhere far away..

what travel destination are you day-dreaming of?



  1. "lowlight" amazing. . . you are so beautiful and always so stylish. . check out my most recent post if you get the chance.


  2. i adore the DIY cutout tee.
    i dream of going to paris one day!

  3. Yeahhh! You know you rock and I still totally adore your hair :P

  4. what a great idea for customizing a top! Love it.

  5. That shirt is SO rad! And I swear.. Greek yogurt & fruit are the only things I ever want now. I discovered it a few weeks ago and well, yeah.

    I'm dying to make a trip to Australia/New Zealand.. but I guess Paris/London/Zurich will due in August. Whatttta rough life ;)

    x chelsea

  6. i love that t-shirt it's so cool! i'm going to have to try it out! i'm dreaming of going to the middle of france again and eat cheese and drink wine! :)

  7. Thank you lovers. Ahh France, Australia, New Zealand...I'd love to take off to any one of those places! Guess for now, day-dreams will have to suffice :)