sealed with a TWIST

   Well, I'm going a little stir crazy people. It's been barely over a week since my injured ankle has caused me to become mobile(y)-challenged, and it's starting to take it's toll. I usually end up getting insanely restless and attempt to crutch/one-footed-awkward hop around my house in search of something to keep me busy. That's when the wardrobe raid began. I have loads of thrifted clothing waiting to be sold/worn/altered (in almost every nook and cranny in my room) and I realized-what better time to try a few DIY's than now, during my life as a one-footed homebody. My navy blue turban wrap was made with some extra material I had laying around (so cute, & so easy) and I turned my frumpy grey thrift store maxi into a slimmer, better fitting, and asymmetrically cut-versatile new piece that I cannot wait to work into my day to day dressing. Aside from that, sorry for the bad quality of the pictures-but webcams sure come in handy when merely making it up&down the stairs
is a challenge in itself!



  1. The skirt was a great idea, it looks good. So sorry to hear about your injury! I have two thrift store dresses right now that are just sitting, waiting to be altered.

  2. your rings are lovely!

  3. love this outfit, you're so pretty girl :)


  4. Thank you for your comment!
    Great DIY, I think I'm gonna try the headband myself sometime! I'm following!
    Good luck with your ankle!

    x Emma www.stylerituals.blogspot.com

  5. The asymmetrical midi skirt is beyond cool!!

    xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

  6. Thank you for your comment :) And I love your hair !!!! lol Want long hair like you !

  7. i love your rings. your headband is cute too, ive been looking for one like it


  8. awsome!
    you look like blake lively

  9. Stunning! I love the headband on you.