S.O.S. Spring/Summer

(from top to bottom: S.O.S. 'Wasted' tank in bleach splatter, S.O.S. 'Wasted' tank in color fade, S.O.S. assymetrical tee in bleach splatter, S.O.S. assymetrical tee in tydye)

Exciting stuff peoplllee.
I've been working really hard on some new S.O.S. (Sea of Style-see more photos here) designs lately, and I've been really happy with what I've created so far! There is still much to be done, (including shooting a lookbook of all the new shtufff) but the fact that I love doing what I do so much really makes the challenges and each step towards my goal something I look forward to. I truly cannot wait for the website to be up (and all the relief that will come along with it's launching)-but until then, all styles are featured on my facebook (or photos available on request) and I'd love for some of you fashionable followers to help support my slowly growing business and treat yourself to a one of a kind S.O.S. top or dress! Please e-mail me at Seaofstyle@yahoo.com if you are interested lovass. Your support, whether it be in comments or whatever form, really means the world to me!


p.s. I'm really sorry for the awfulll quality of the photos above, like I stated in an earlier post, I currently have a sprained ankle thanks to my clumbsy ways. I took all of the featured pictures on self timer all while hopping unsteadily on one foot..oh what us bloggers won't do for a picture or two.

p.s.s. Please let me know which style (out of the tops posted above) you'd be interested in being available for a give-away I'll be doing within the next couple weeks-I'd love to hear any & all suggestions!

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  1. the pattern/colour-scheme/print/whatever of the orange & black top is amazing! i absolutely adore it x

  2. Love these tops! Beauty!


  3. Loove the first top!!! Gorgeous <3

    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    T & J



  4. that's so amazing and wonderful, sea. i've always loved and dreamed of when people do things they truly love as jobs instead of some monotonous thing.