real friends don't change

  So this post is bitter sweet. I've had these photos sitting around for over a month and have been waiting for the right time to post them (since I always have so many photos to share and many posts in the works at a time). I know that many of you who follow my blog already know that the friend in the photos above is Neg, one of my very best friends, & who I'm usually with the majority of the time. Sadly, she's moving back to North Carolina; and though she promises to come back after a few months, I'm still crushed! We've become inseparable, and I'm so used to having her around it's going to be really strange to have thousands of miles between us and not just a five minute drive. We both constantly joke about how we are grandmas in twenty year old bodies, since our favorite activities include movie nights, The Office marathons, random craft projects, and eating-of course. Don't know what I'm going to do without her, but hopefully we will be reunited soon enough.



  1. Aww that sucks your bestie's moving away :( It's honestly the best feeling though when you see them again after a while of being apart & everything's exactly the same as though you've never been separated. It really reminds you what it means to have a true true friend. I love these pics too :)

    x K
    -An Aussie girl's fashion musings.

  2. It really does suck! But yes, I know it will be the best feeling when she comes back. Thanks so much Kaitlyn!


  3. lovely pics!!!


  4. The pictures are beautiful! I can tell you guys had a very nice day together :)



  5. Aw I am sorry to hear you guys are being separated but look on the bright side,real friends last and now you have a cool new place to visit her. These photos are really beautiful too!

  6. call me silly, but, i wish we were still bestfriends :(

  7. first of all the photos are beautiful- i mean amazing- your legs in the first photo look soooo long and the photos of you both on the sand are just adorable.
    Sorry to hear Neg is moving away- the hardest thing ( I did a post a in february with my best friend and a quote about us growing together even though we are apart) if you saw it? he has lived in London since we were 18 and I miss him sooooo much!!kisses beauty.Katie.xx

  8. wow! great pics! with that special sunset colour!
    love it!

  9. I hope you'll do fine :)
    Lovely pictures, they show well you are very good friends!!

    Haru x

  10. these photos are beautiful. im so certain she will feel just as close to you here although she will be in nc. i wish you two luck and love <3

  11. Thank you all so much for your sweet words! Katie- I did see that post! So I'm sure you can relate, it's definitely hard, but true friendships last no matter what comes between them :)
    Christina- I wish for that too! Let's reunite and put our Mr. Rossi impersonations back to good useee hahaha


  12. The cutest post ever! Im totally in love with the three last photos, so beautful!!
    The worst thing is to be separated from someone who is an important part of your every day life!
    Just think of how great its gonna be when you finally can spend time together again!
    Somtimes its good to miss eachother - than you really know how important friends are :)

    Love Mia

  13. Those Mr. Rossi impersonations were so accurate it's scary