before I bid farewell to yesterday

I'm extremely late in sharing these photos, & I'm going to blame it on the Holiday trance that's seemed to come over me during the past couple of weeks. These images are from Christmas Eve & Christmas morning, & I figured I should post them before this entire year is long gone and they become extremely irrelevant. I was wearing a vintage deep red velvet dress and silk scarf I had come across that day (a red velvet maxi with a scoop back ?! SWOON) while picking up the last of my gifts. This Holiday season has been such an absolutely perfect way to end 2010; with my loved ones by my side and many new warm memories made, I couldn't be happier to close the book on this past year and start a new & exciting chapter with 2011. Everyone be safe & have a wonderful New Year!


The Eve of a New Year

With this New Year I hope to renew my spirit & grow & thrive as a person who is continually changing, expanding, and evolving; to make promises to myself so that I may reach my fullest potential & realize that anything is possible as long as I stay true to what I believe in and never let my hopes be dimmed down by myself or others telling me I 'won't', or I 'can't'. To be my biggest supporter and advocate and never stand in the way of my own possibilities & promise. I vow to accept change with open arms, and to work with what I have and do whatever I can with it-rather than dwell on what's beyond my grasp. I promise to accept that not everything is in my control, to be a brave person who isn't afraid to stand up for what's right. I promise to never stop dreaming and to never put a cap or limit on what I can attain in life; to be loving, kind, patient, and secure. I promise to push myself to the limit and up over the edge of my comfort zone, to take more chances and never let a moment pass me by unfulfilled and empty. To laugh in the face of adversity, and to prosper and carry on a stronger more hopeful person; & finally- I promise to live without regret, to take meaning and learn a lesson from each mistake I may make, and to push through any obstacle that may try and stray me from my path.

Here's to a wonderful New Year filled with opportunities and love for all !

(photo sources: uknown(s), wildfox, studdedhearts, knightcat, Nastygal, lovemore, rougefox)


sugar sugar

Clockwise from top left:
Backless Topshop cat jumper
 Topshop floral snood
Pamela Love necklace
Amie Camel Suede lace up wedges-Topshop
Soixante Neuf turquoise knuckle ring
Our Lord and Saviour clutch
Alexander Wang quilted shell micro-shorts




Grey envelops and blankets the lights, twinkling and twirling and trying to be seen. To look from afar you see nothing but a dreary cloud of bland & colorless meaning; but looking closely and focusing your eyes, you will see more beauty than one could imagine.


(photos via: unknown(s), lovemore, littlemissboho, studdedhearts, oraclefox)


LuLu's back in town

My best friend LuLu (see cheesy title) came down the other night to visit and catch up, we were apart for months and have just recently managed to start spending more time together again. She is that one person I can be a total weirdo with and whenever we get together we always find ourselves laughing all the stresses and troubles of life away. She is more of a sister than a friend, since we've been so close for so many years- annnndddd she just happens to be my favorite person to thrift/vintage shop with (since we feed off of eachother's style and wardrobes). I was wearing my sister's long flowy floral dress that I would live in if I could, being that it is one of the most comfortable things I've thrown on in quite a while; and LuLu was wearing my favorite vintage floral scarf as a head wrap and the most amazing purple lace shorts she bought at a Flea Market.
On a side note, the last two photos were taken with my new web cam! Yayyy Christmas! It was one of my gifts from my boyfriend Gil, he really is the best. Can't wait to put it to good use on all of those days when I'm lacking a photographer or the inclination to find some ridiculous makeshift spot to set up the self timer.




Got the title of my last post from this song, been listening to it non-stop.


that boy's got my heart in a silver cage


talking to the moon

I didn't get a great shot of what I was wearing this night, but I had on my favvvvorite fur vest and a vintage striped top I stole from my sister (I'll have to share a better photo of it another time because it has adorable ruffles on the shoulders). I've been doing a lot of puzzles lately and was really excited about this wolf one- but it turned out to be mission impossible and I have yet to complete it. I've been having such a great time over the Holidays with friends and family, watching movies by the fire, and eating wayyy too much-but hey, that's what Christmas time is for, right?




Wishing all a warm & beautiful day full of love & light


sources: unknown(s), rougefox