Vogue U.S. January 2011

  So I ventured out into the rain yesterday along with my mom and sisters to watch Black Swan (which I've been dying to see since the moment the first trailer was released). I've always been a huuuuuge Natalie Portman fan & was extremely excited to see her in a role that was so different from her typical part and pushed the boundaries. After hearing all of the hype and talking to friends who either loved or hated it, I was anxious to see what this dark psychological thriller was all about. Let's just say it did NOT disappoint. AMAZZZINNNG! The creep factor and eeriness was definitely taken to new extremes compared to other movies of it's nature, but it's almost in a genre/class of it's own. Natalie was so astonishingly believable and insanely good (insanely being the operative word here haha) that I truly think she may nab an Oscar for her spot on portrayal of ballerina-pushed-to-the-edge Nina Sayers. Along with amazing performances by Mila Kunis as free spirited dancer and rival Lily and Barbara Hershey as Nina's ex-dancer semi-psychotic & creepily obsessive mother Erica- I think Darren Aronofsky just struck gold with this artistic and mind blowing masterpiece.


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