It's the most fragile of bonds that we tie ourselves to, that connect us with the earth, that ground us. These bonds give us hope, faith, a great love, a passion, a reason to believe in all that could be. We tend to find ourselves forgetting that all of these delicate connections will begin to break loose, untether and fall away; leaving that part of ourselves bare and bewildered. Without care and dedication, we get used to their presence and forgo the thought that they may well disappear. The most precious and sought after treasures in life are not rubies or pearls, diamonds or emeralds; it's these bonds and these connections that we so quickly forget to hold tight and protect. A soul in this world would be lost and lonely if it weren't for these quiet beauties; the simple moments in which you hold a lover close or feel a warm breeze and lose yourself to the calm of it. These are the moments to be cherished and the times when these bonds, seemingly unbreakable, yet so feeble and fine, must be remembered and strengthened through love and devotion. 


photos via littleplastichorses and ffffound

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