I dream of wandering through a towering city lost in layers of fluffy knits, watching people as they pass. Ice cold finger tips find salvation around a steaming paper cup of coffee, I wind around the bends in the road taking in each fallen leaf, each frost bitten curbside, each lonesome lover caught up in thought. My eyes follow the speeding cars racing through slick roads; their drivers in such a hurry to reach their destination they forget that they are moving too fast for time to keep up as precious moments of their life fall past, empty and wasted. I stumble upon a park, scattered with yearning souls wishing for something to ignite their passions-a love, an adventure, a miracle. Dreamers among bending trees and crackling branches, but looking past the beauty around them hoping for more. In a small & welcoming room, glowing golden and blanketed in warmth from the fireplace, I lay on my back. As my eyes follow the cracks and shapes in the ceiling above me, I drift to sleep calm and peaceful; taken away to another place and time.


photo via wildfox