before I bid farewell to yesterday

I'm extremely late in sharing these photos, & I'm going to blame it on the Holiday trance that's seemed to come over me during the past couple of weeks. These images are from Christmas Eve & Christmas morning, & I figured I should post them before this entire year is long gone and they become extremely irrelevant. I was wearing a vintage deep red velvet dress and silk scarf I had come across that day (a red velvet maxi with a scoop back ?! SWOON) while picking up the last of my gifts. This Holiday season has been such an absolutely perfect way to end 2010; with my loved ones by my side and many new warm memories made, I couldn't be happier to close the book on this past year and start a new & exciting chapter with 2011. Everyone be safe & have a wonderful New Year!



  1. thanks for the comment; you and your velvet dress are too gorgeous <3 love your headwrap too.

  2. Ofcourse doll! & thank you so much !


  3. lovely dress! happy new year! from http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com