pillars & pavement

The weather and my dressing habits have been equally dysfunctional and erratic lately. These pants are so unflattering and strange but there is just something about them that seems to beckon for me to nab them from my sisters heaping closet of goodies each time I pass her room, so I finally caved and paired them with an oversized cream striped blazer and a black crop top. Maybe it's the comfort level that goes along with the light and billowy vintage fabric or perhaps the floral print alongside the tiny shell button; but after wearing them for the day I became a full blown fanatic. I recently purchased a pair of sheer vintage flowy pants covered in polka dots that I originally thought was a maxi skirt, (which then led to extreme confusion when trying them on) until I discovered that there were infact two leg holes.SUCCESS. Can't wait to share some pictures of whatever outfit I work around them. Hope everyone's week is going smoothly & you're not as panic ridden as I am over the last minute details of Christmas shopping..oyy


photos taken (as usual) by my lovely mermaid-ian sister Danaan (see her here & here)


  1. hotttttttt love this. confused why you dont have more followers- awesome blog deserving more!You always look gorgeous and love the nose piercing!Katie.xx

    fashion clocked

  2. Thank you so much, that means a lot! I'm working on the follower situation haha


  3. amazing trousers! and i love your hairrr xxx