photo of me by Amber Asaly

I'm sure you guys already know how much I lovvvve Amber's work, but if you haven't checked it out yet-do it nowww (or suffa. okay fine. not really. but just do it)! She is so insanely talented and her work just keeps getting better..



for these moments, I am thankful

a few snapshots from a beer & dessert outing with my brother and two of my sisters

on repeat:

The Pierces-We Are Stars
Cold War Kids-Hang Me Up To Dry
Fiona Apple-Shadow Boxer
Rolling Stones-Wild Horses
Lana Del Rey-Pawn Shop Blues
Nirvana-Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam
No Doubt-Underneath It All
The Black Keys-Same Old Thing
The Moody Blues-Nights In White Satin
The Pixies-Where Is My Mind



live and let live

(wearing: vintage button up, eunina black skinnies, miss me shoes, necklace from Mexico)

soooo much photo editing to do tonight. oh, and closet organizing. yay.

I've been feeling the urge to write more poetry, to take more photos, to travel more, to meet interesting people, read interesting books, find new hobbies, to sing and make music, to paint and draw; just more of everything. More living, more experiencing.

Can't wait for these day dreams to become reality..



full outfit post to follow..

The past couple weeks have been a constant struggle between the adventurer in me, and the downright unsociable netflix nerd who'd rather stow away in her room journaling than collect herself and leave the house. One word; WORK. Not gonna lie, it feels great to have a job out of the house that keeps me busy and motivated. BUT, it has been a huge adjustment going from spending the majority of my time plotting plans for the (long awaited, on my behalf) launch of Sea of Style, photo shoots, and blogging to working six days a week and barely having a moment to take photos; let alone editing them, posting them, planning photo shoots, stocking up on S.O.S. vintage merch...you get the idea. Anywayz. The past few days have been an acception to all prior ramblings I suppose, being that I actually found the time to take quite a few pictures.  Now getting around to posting them will be another feat in itself. Thank gahhhd I have tomorrow off!

Aside from lots of black clothing, early mornings, and menu memorization; here are a few things that have been prevalent in my life lately:

-WORKAHOLICS FOR DAYS. let's get weiiiiirrrrdddddddddddd !~*!*~
-sugar cookies and chocolate ice cream..and pumpkin bars and pies.. and lots of  baggy layers to hide the evidence
-getting way too excited for Christmas
-planning the renovation of my room-FINALLY (getting overwhelmed just thinking about it)
-boba coffee, boba coffee, boba coffee
-90's jamz and peanut butter pretzel binges

exciting, no!?!??!



he looks to the sky above, for a glimpse of what it means

Today is a day for finding beauty in everything around us, being thankful for things we too often take for granted, and showing love to all those who love us unconditionally. Hope everyone has a beautiful day full of family, friends, and (duh) foooood!

and some good music never hurts...


photos via tumblr



(wearing: all vintage)

Yes, it's late November and here I am in short shorts and a tank top...and bare feet; but I threw a giant sweater ontop of it, if only to make myself appear (and feel) more seasonally acceptable. I'm missing Summer terribly, if you couldn't tell. I have so many things I want to express and share, but I'd better cut it short and save you all (and myself) from the unstoppable ramblings that are sure to pour from me in my current mindset. I can't seem to articulate ANYTHING today without unnecessarily dragging every little detail out.
or maybe that's just every Monday...



first love is such sweet despair

Can you stand the anticipation? CAUSE I CAN'T.

off to work again, but much to catch up on later..



playing, catchup

I'm baaaaack, and with a cheesy webcam photo + shoddy editing job to boot!

I feel like I've been off in my own world lately. I really apologize for being so MIA, but truth is, I've been working everyday (which entails wearing extremely boring, non-colorful, monotonous clothing) and haven't even had a moment's time to catch up in taking photos/posting. I feel like I've been neglecting all my creative outlets (& that's not the only thing I've neglected, my regrowth is gnarrrrrlay, & my roots are an unsettling shade of colorless ash), and I really need to get back in the swing of things. I want, no, need, to start writing again. I feel so hollow without that familiar feeling of pen to paper, but more than that, the sense of emptying pent up emotions and unresolved feelings that goes along with it. I have so much to share, but my feet hurt and my eyes are heavy, so it'll have to wait til tomorrow.

xx sea


maybe i like this rollercoaster; maybe it keeps me h i g h

(wearing: thrifted loose knit cardigan, MinkPink bustier, thrifted coral linen skirt, F21 shoes+hat+necklace, vintage belt)

Listening to the rain and soft music, enjoying some peace before work at four.
I haven't been sleeping lately. My dreams are too vivid, too lucid. They keep me tossing and turning and wake me cold in a knot of sheets and bewilderment. As weird, and much of the time terrifying, as they can be; most of the time I find myself looking forward to the moment my eyes flutter shut and I'm immersed into the infinite world that lies beyond sleep. There's something magical to it, something I don't think we will ever be able to understand or define; and that very mystery is what fascinates me the most.