deep thoughts on overalls

(wearing: vintage ck striped crop, thrifted overalls, vintage hat,
lacey socks from the dollar tree, vintage shoes)
overalls are the best. this particular pair I found at salvation army in my home town years ago. since I've been in Michigan I've come across quite a few gems (as the thrift/charity shops are much less picked through here) and I find myself justifying each purchase as my collection grows and grows. 'they fit perfectly!' 'I will love them forever' 'you rock gurl you deserve it' 'only two dollars?! it would be a crime to turn your back on a two dollar pair of lime green short overalls even if they are 10 sizes too big!' and the inner dialogue continues. however, the reality of it is I am lazy and I like to be comfortable and overalls are the perfect answer to these two challenges.
some life updates:
my friend gave me an under shave a few weeks back (comes up to my ears from my neck), it has helped to ease my random impulses to shave my head entirely and also makes having a pony tail ten times more fun
I have been really bad about my diet lately, I have always had an issue with sugar (aka I have an addiction to ice cream, baked goods, and extra sweet coffee) and I am about to renew my system and start feeding my body the stuff it needs and deserves. finding organic produce is much harder where I am living now, but I am up for the challenge.
my best friend is a dog
 aka my favorite time of year is upon us.
and besides that, I've taken to sitting around in pjs watching my favorite office episodes and funny animal videos on youtube while eating donuts....ugh. this self health intervention is gurnna be huurd.


dear self,

remember that difficult times are never permanent, with each passing moment we get a step closer towards a new day, new opportunity, and a chance to begin again. everything is truly illuminated, if you are willing to actually see (and not just look). refresh your mind, listen to your intuition, and have hope. treat others with understanding and compassion. grow. live fully. have patience with experiences that test your limits. overcome, and be true to yourself. love others as you wish to be loved. kiss with promise and meaning, free your heart when it is time for a new chapter,
and always,
remember who you are.




sadly, I really don't update my blog nearly as much as I would like to (hoping to change that soon) but I DO update my instagram all the time.
here are some images I've posted over the past few weeks as well as a short video of one of the many crazy storms we've been having. 
instagram: @seaghna