black is such a happy color

(wearing: Cheap Monday dress c/o wasteland, vintage boots and sunglasses)

been a busy bee sewing and steaming and organizing away. more stuff to come on my shop soon!

I don't know if it's been very apparent on my blog, but as much as I love crazy vibrant colors, black is definitely my go-to. This dress wasteland sent over is pretty much perfect. For some reason, I find myself compelled to look like an alien witch (lizard...I love lizards...) quite often.

also..stole the post title from this




(^^click the pieces to shop^^)

I've put off starting an online shop with my vintage (and hopefully soon, handmade) shtuff for far too long. I finally started organizing and sorting all my stuff and I've been working on quite a few projects as well. I just started a little etsy shop to start selling some of my favorites.

There are only a few pieces up so far, but keep checking back cause I promise to keep adding tons of awesome shiz. Also, I'll be doing an instagram give away soon so keep an eye out and follow me @seaghna


letters to devahuti

I really want to start branching out and sharing more things that inspire me and bits about my life rather than a bunch of monotonous outfit posts. I have tons of ideas, but I always seem to find a way of procrastinating and putting things off. Something about me-that I know I have mentioned before-is that I have a really big extremely close knit family. Three sisters, a brother, my mom, my dad and step mom (not to mention all the extended family much of which live a short drive away). My older sister is one of the most intelligent and inspirational people I know. She graduated from UC Davis with a degree in international agricultural development. She has a deep desire  to travel and experience other cultures and ways of life and to help people, which is something I so terribly want to do as well at some point in my life. She recently got home from a trip through Thailand, India, London, and Paris and plans to leave for the Peace Corps in a few months where she will be working with farmer's groups to promote sustainable and organic practices and increasing crop production in Nepal. She recently shared with me that she started a tumblr to document some of her travels where she posts letters she has written to her friend devahuti along with a few photos. Her words are beautiful and it is amazing to be able to live vicariously through them. I will share more soon, but for now-check out her tumblr here!



optical illusions

(wearing: striped dress with cut-outs c/o swaychic, thrifted choker, vintage jacket, electric sunglasses)

I just got this rad dress from swaychic and I can't stop staring at it. The front is somewhat reminiscent of an optical illusion?
You should check out their website here! so many perfect things.

I'm a couple of posts behind, so be expecting lots more updates within the next couple of days.

on a side note, I recently did my first guest blog post on wasteland's blog! click here to see it.



yew es ay

(wearing: t shirt c/o Plaaastic, see you monday leggings, boyfriend's ebayed hat)

probably the most 'patriotic' outfit I have ever worn. plaaastic just sent me this t shirt (I do not support or encourage the use of drugs whatsoever I just thought it was clever and ironic) along with another one that you will be seeing soooon. you should definitely check out their site (they sell jellies in every color!). I want the clear sparkly ones so bad, they're almost identical to a pair I had in fourth grade
that I wore everyday and obsessed over.




Just got back to California day before yesterday, so my posts have been a little delayed.
I thought I would share some of my instagram photos while I am getting caught up.
 instagram- @seaghna

On a side note, some of my good friends are putting on a 'girl's night for a cause' this coming Friday the 12th at 150 avenida del mar in San Clemente! It will be in support of Laura's House, women against domestic violence; and there will be drinks shopping and tons of fun shtuff. If you are in the area you should definitely stop by!




(wearing: boyfriend's Nirvana tee, Widow garter leggings c/o Wasteland,
Deena & Ozzy platforms, necklace c/o Vanessa Mooney, misc. accessories)

I am so incredibly obsessed with these Widow leggings Wasteland sent over to me. They are so perfect, just like everything on their site (check out wasteland's latest lookbook here!). Also, I am really getting into the habit of stealing my boyfriend's t-shirts.
I feel like all I wear these days are t-shirts.

I am going home for a while to visit with my family and get some more stuff together, I am sooooo excited to see everyone and to swim in the ocean and go for early morning walks in the sunshine. I'll be taking lots of pictures, and I really want to start shooting with my film camera again to document all of Summer's adventures. For nowww, I am going to drink another cup of coffee and watch Arrested Development (I am starting it from the beginning for the first time ever). OH, and does anyone watch Kitchen Nightmares?
Brandon and I are obsessed. Gordon Ramsay is the duude.