letters to devahuti

I really want to start branching out and sharing more things that inspire me and bits about my life rather than a bunch of monotonous outfit posts. I have tons of ideas, but I always seem to find a way of procrastinating and putting things off. Something about me-that I know I have mentioned before-is that I have a really big extremely close knit family. Three sisters, a brother, my mom, my dad and step mom (not to mention all the extended family much of which live a short drive away). My older sister is one of the most intelligent and inspirational people I know. She graduated from UC Davis with a degree in international agricultural development. She has a deep desire  to travel and experience other cultures and ways of life and to help people, which is something I so terribly want to do as well at some point in my life. She recently got home from a trip through Thailand, India, London, and Paris and plans to leave for the Peace Corps in a few months where she will be working with farmer's groups to promote sustainable and organic practices and increasing crop production in Nepal. She recently shared with me that she started a tumblr to document some of her travels where she posts letters she has written to her friend devahuti along with a few photos. Her words are beautiful and it is amazing to be able to live vicariously through them. I will share more soon, but for now-check out her tumblr here!


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