(wearing: boyfriend's Nirvana tee, Widow garter leggings c/o Wasteland,
Deena & Ozzy platforms, necklace c/o Vanessa Mooney, misc. accessories)

I am so incredibly obsessed with these Widow leggings Wasteland sent over to me. They are so perfect, just like everything on their site (check out wasteland's latest lookbook here!). Also, I am really getting into the habit of stealing my boyfriend's t-shirts.
I feel like all I wear these days are t-shirts.

I am going home for a while to visit with my family and get some more stuff together, I am sooooo excited to see everyone and to swim in the ocean and go for early morning walks in the sunshine. I'll be taking lots of pictures, and I really want to start shooting with my film camera again to document all of Summer's adventures. For nowww, I am going to drink another cup of coffee and watch Arrested Development (I am starting it from the beginning for the first time ever). OH, and does anyone watch Kitchen Nightmares?
Brandon and I are obsessed. Gordon Ramsay is the duude.



  1. I really really love this shoot. You look great and you totally pull off those leggings well! Are you going back to HB?


  2. you're perfect!!

  3. your haaaaaaaaaiir!!! *_* wonderful!