(wearing: sister's thrifted lace tank, vintage floral skirt, F21 feather necklace, misc. accessories)

  I'm getting sick. And I am not happy about it at all. It's been so ridiculously hot the past couple days and the air feels thick. It slows down all movement and in my case, any inclination to leave the spot directly infront of my fan. I think I'm going to stop feeling sorry for myself and go to the beach. I was driving along the coast with my dad this morning, and the ocean looked so beautiful. So vast and vivid blue. It made me forget my discomfort and manly voice (brought on by non-stop coughing and a raspy throat), if only for a moment or two. I really cannot believe it's already August, time seems to move so quickly these days. How are all of you doing? Any exciting plans for the coming weeks?



  1. love that skirt! i go back to ASU next week, no ocean there. eek :(


  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaw, what a lovely look :D

    thanks for sharing these pictures, they're great.. love the lace tank :D :*

  3. I love the bohemian feel of your outfit!