(Wearing S.O.S. 'Super Nova' crop top with shredded panel, lace tap shorts via Nastygal,
DIY necklace, e-bayed sunnies, random/vintage jewelery)

I have a huge favor to ask of you guys. I've entered myself in the Volcom Denim x LB contest on lookbook.nu, for a chance to win a guest blogger spot over at Volcomunity (and the free Volcom denim for a year doesn't sound too shabby either). It would mean the world to me if you could click HERE (or the lookbook.nu link at the bottom of the post) and HYPE me! I'm pretty far up in the top fifty entries, so any and all help is appreciated more than you know! Since the point of the contest is to represent your creativity and what makes you unique, I thought it would be fitting to wear one of my very own Sea of Style creations. (you can e-mail me at seaofstyle@yahoo.com to order one for yourself!)

  Also, I noticed a few people unfollowed me within the past couple of days. I take no offense, as I realize maybe my blogging style isn't for everyone and all people have the right to follow/unfollow as they please-but it does make you wonder; why the unfollow? what was it that caused them to come to that decision? If I ever start going off the deep end, endlessly rambling about cats and chicken fingers, let my deep seeded and repressed love for all things Romeo+Juliet (yes, duh, the Leo one) take over every word I type, or just start to drive you marginally crazier than usual- PLEASE tell me. My readers mean so much to me, and I'd pretty much do anything for yews guys. (Well, maybe not anything, but you can bet your turkish meat balls I'd at least hear you out!)

I've been less worried and analytical of what I choose to share on here lately, and maybe that very fact right there is what's driving (a few, yes, only a few, but allow my dramatization to run it's course) people away. But hey, I've finally come to terms with the fact that this blog is a representation of me, and I just happen to be a very strange and arguably neurotic character. So, if you can't deal with my weirdness, then you're better off un-following anywho! Cause I pretty much guarantee..it's only gonna get weirder from here on out.

(I may be high on carpet cleaner fumes at the moment, so if I decide to delete/edit this post at a later (and clearer minded) time; I reserve the right to do so!)


vv please hype!! vv


  1. Hyped it wooooo good luck and this outfit is great im sure u will get futher :)


  2. Love the look. The top is gorgeous, and looks fantastic with those beyond chic shorts! Recently, I decided that I was following WAY too many blogs, and checking on the new posts on bloglovin became more of a chore that took way too long than something I enjoyed doing. As I slowly analyzed the list, looking for blogs whose new posts I didn't even click on any more, or just didn't enjoy, I remember thinking to myself, Oh, not Lights Drive My Soul, I love that blog! I mean, maybe 1 follower in a sea of nearly 300 doesn't seem like much, but I just though I'd let you know that you are one of my ALL TIME favorite blogs, and I literally CRAVE each and every one of your posts!



  3. Hyped it! Good luck!
    Btw, your weirdness is awesome. Why would I want to read a 'normal' blog?
    How much are you charging for the top? I'm definitely interested.


  4. People always follow and unfollow.. Hell, I know I have offended some people.. Just continue to be fabulous and look amazing.. WERK!

    Love! ~Angel

  5. Those shorts are too nice!



  6. Hyped it! I'm in love with your top! I'm definitely e-mailing you to get some information about prizes and shipping.
    Good luck with the contest :)

  7. Wow, you guys are all so awesome, I don't even know what to saaaaay. Thank you x a million. <3333333333333333

  8. just came across your blog and its bliss! keep it up lass