Just thought I'd share a few recent photos of the S.O.S. 'Beach Rat' shredded wrap. It's my current favorite item of all the shredded madness I've been making. CLICK HERE (or e-mail me at seaofstyle@yahoo.com) to order one for your foiinne seyulf-(also available in black and grey). Things have been crazy lately. Whether I'm stressing and worrying about all the many things I need to accomplish before my surgery and in the coming year (usually causing me to sweat profusely and eat endless bowls of ice cream and coco crispies while sobbing and watching bachelor pad-true, sad, story my friends), feeling restless and not having any means of transporting myself to all the many places I'd rather be (which will hopefully no longer be an issue in a couple of weeks-fingers crossed), or nannying for hours and acting like a kid (which obviously entails wrestling, hide and seek, junk food, nickelodeon, x-box just dance, and calling people boogers all while giggling maniacally) only to return home and spend another unsaid amount of time planning and stressing over my website (usually resulting in four to five cups of green tea, type-crop-edit-drag-alter-type-resize-and repeat, two to three nail polish changes, and not falling asleep til at least 3 am). Too. much. in. my. head. And trying to organize all of my thoughts and type them out in an orderly fashion is making me dizzy. Even though it's stressful and feels like it may well be impossible to achieve all of my goals and follow through on all of my plans in my current state, it's kind of exciting to feel challenged. I can see everything that I want laid out infront of me and now, it's up to me to go out and get it. I have not lost all hope, and that is (in big part) thanks to netflix and my dogs for keeping me sane. Anyone else feeling the impending doom, I mean, pressure of future goals and big changes that need to be taking effect?

  Anyways, on to another subject. Today is two of my favorite people's days of birth. My brother Dillon, and my cousin (more like half-brother..our dad's are identical twinsies) Errol. They are two cool cats, and they make my life ever interesting and fun. Love them. <3 Happy Birthday muddda bruddaaasss.

  Oh, and can you guys help me out? I am in need of advice. I am considering making the leap and investing in a superrr nice DSLR camera; which in all actuality I REALLY need (for my blog, website, S.O.S., and all my many many projects that are in the works at all times). I've done quite a bit of research and think I've found a winner, the Nikon D5100- the price is right and all the reviews have been reassuring. I can already imagine all the amazing photo shoots and day to day pictures I will inevitably take....What do you think? Should I go for it? I'd love to get some input because trust me when I say, I AM THE MOST INDECISIVE PERSON IN THIS WORLD.  Yup.
Atleast I'm not afraid to admit it.



  1. you are SO tan girlll! looking fantastic


  2. wow, cool outfit! love the shredding!



  3. you are crazy beautiful!
    killing outfit!

  4. Woah, you're stunning! Think I'll be getting on the sunbeds later.....suddenly feeling disgustingly pale! Hehe, love your style :) xx