can't contain it

(wearing: F21 necklace, Ark & Co. cut out dress via Nastygal, Trinity cardigan,
F21 lace biker shorts, CR boots)

I've gotten so behind in posting all the photos I've let pile up on my computer that I almost forgot about these. My sister took them of me one night last week before we went to meet up with some family and close friends. Which led to a midnight trip to Denny's and a root beer float for me..even though I pretty much gave up soda a couple years back-root beer floats get me everyyyytime. I've been spending a lot of time with my family lately, trying to soak up every last bit of Summer that I can. Though I'll be sad to see Summer go, I have to admit I'm really looking forward to colder weather (warmer clothes) and all the exciting things the first few months of Autumn have in store. Something else I'm really looking forward to is taking off on a little trip with some of my family to Catalina island in four days. Catalina has always held a special place in my memories because my mom and dad started taking me there when I was just a baby. I've gone at least every other year since then. It makes me think of the smell of sunscreen, huge mountains of sticky ice cream from Big Olafs, swimming from dawn til dusk and returning home in a mess of salt and sand, throwing peanuts at Antonio's pizzeria, adventuring down every street and imagining the lives of the people that live in each eclectic and colorful home, and most of all, being a child. It also holds special memories for my boyfriend and I, driving through town hand in hand in a rickety old golf cart, so happy and in love. Oh, and can't leave out eating SHIIIIt on a two person bicycle; I think my boyfriend and I laughed harder than the onlookers. I can't wait to get back there, and I'll be sure to take many pictures to share!

Speaking of pictures...on to another topic that I'm so excited to post about. Today's the day guyzzz, I made the decision to buy my first DSLR! I could not be more antsy. I mean, I couldn't even sleep last night. It was like little-kid-the-night-before-Disneyland status. I can't wait to take countless photos and share them all with you lovers! Brace yourselves for photo-overload.



  1. you look wonderful,
    I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it so much I'm so glad i found it :-D
    xx Laura

  2. I'm in love with your style and the colour composition in these photos. xo

  3. Love these photos! and your top with the cut-outs!


  4. you're so gorgeous ahsldkghsldg

  5. I <3 nasty gal! very cute! xxo -nb

  6. sweetie you look amazing here!!totaly love your hair!!amazing dress+love the way you're combine it
    with these boots!

  7. I love the cut out playsuit its so nice and the edgy necklace i love this look :) Haaa im pretty looking forward to winter now to wrap up wooooo awwww im very excited to see more snaps with your new dslr :)


  8. Love the cut outs on the dress, and the mixing of femininity with the lace peeking out and toughness with the boots and jacket. Gorgeous look!



  9. beautiful! love the dress!!!

  10. Very nice look !! Love the dress !!

  11. what a fucking great outfit.

    i'd wear it.

    and this song on your blog is neat.