(wearing: thrifted diy cut off athletic tank, vintage skirt, Dimepiece beanie)

this post was induced by some serious insomnia. it's one of those nights where my body is so exhausted but my brain won't quiet down. so, I thought it would be a good time to play some catch up and post a few (old) photos. these were taken the day after 'national goth day' which was at the end of May. I keep finding more old photos that had been lost amongst the chaos of my many dated folders. I just got home yesterday from a family vacation to Catalina island. it was such an amazing time. the water was so beautiful and the weather was perfect, but after days of snorkeling and sunburn it was so nice to get home to my pups and my bed. I'm starting to realize my days here are numbered, and doing my best to relish the last of being at home and surrounded by my family the best I can.

it's time for me to try and shut off the brain and get some sleep before I start sleep typing. which doesn't seem like as much of a long shot after hearing my sister's recollection of my sleep eating which has apparently occurred numerous times now. what is life.



  1. Amazing photos! Love love love your blog :)


  2. Havent been on here for a while but still love your blog its great! hair is amazing the colour!! xx

  3. I cannot get over how incredibly perfect your sense of style is!

  4. you look perfect! loving the longer length of skirt on you, and that bindi is just BEYONDDD

  5. insomnia is so frustrating, i'll take this as advice to channel it into productivity. but probably i wont do anything of value. But sleep eating? thats fucking INCREDIBLE. like sleep olympics level. channel that skill. and duh, you're perfect. but we both already knew that.

  6. I love the way you styled this pleated skirt and your eye make up is gorgeous!



  7. i hate insomnia. sucks. anytime i get a bad nights sleep i act like an evil being.

    you look amazing and incredible and wonderful.


  8. i think i get where you're coming from about the insomnia thing .. i get that too, and it's just so frustrating because i feel tired and worn out throughout the day, and then when i want to go to sleep, i still can't :/
    that aside, YOU'RE RAD! <3 i love that lipstick color on you

  9. Love that top and you hair is AMAZING!


  10. oh my god *cries* you. look. perfect. SO COOL. Aaaaagh. Screams.

  11. oh hey you amazingly rad person

  12. what is life?

    I've never suffered from insomnia because my the sleep gods love me. thank you, knock on wood.

    I am so sorry you have it though, but you know what will cure it? LIVING IN LA!!!!!!

    :D fokyaaaaa

    I love you, dude.