the highlights of the night:
chugging caramel apple cider in the fog
impromptu dance party/photo shoot in the car
people watching {drunken bum watching*} at good ol' Ole's
photos being ambushed by an unknown intoxicated lady
watching the ball drop LIVE!...on top of a dude's head
said 'dude' stealing a kiss on the cheek from my boyfriend. LOLZx8
being entertained/slightly skeeved by a girl coked out of her miiiind...I'll let you guess who she is amongst this chaos of pictures

have any interesting stories from your New Year's Eve experience? Do telllllllll.


I'm almost to 500 followers guyyyzzz! I could not be more excited, and I can't believe how far this blog has come since I started it. Many of you have watched me grow and change since the beginning, and some of you are new readers who are just starting to get familiar with me and what this blog is about; but regardless-you all mean so much to me! Your support and words keep me going when I'm feeling drained or uninspired. I know I've been kinda flakey over the past couple months, and I appreciate your patience. Once I reach 550 followers I'll be doing a special give away as a thank you!


  1. aaah you and your friends all look so fabulous! :D

  2. wow! you are amazingly beautiful! i love your style so much! i am following you on bloglovin and here too!

  3. u look so amazingly beautiful!!!!!


    kiss dear

  4. Looks like an awesome night! Had a pretty eventful night myself.