OKAY. So, I know you guys have already heard me hype up Madeline of JeanGreige a few times, but if you're behind in the timess and haven't checked out her blog yet-I thought I'd share with you the glory of all glory-est of glory's; Tunnel Vision. Madeline and Brit (of Disarming Darling-another personal style blog favorite!) have teamed up to make one of the best collaborative Vintage shops I've seen in a whiiiiile forever. All of their stuff is so amazing and SO up my alley it's ridic. And you wanna know the best part? Everything is 50% off today for their pre-launch!! If that doesn't make your eyes all dewy and your palms sweat with anticipation then I don't know if this friendship is gonna work, sorry dude. Head on over to their Facebook page &/or follow them on twitter to get the discount code and get updates on all the amazing-ness. Just prepare yourself for a vintage/90's/grungey/tye-dyed/phsycadelic lover's fantasy. It is a visual feast, and I'm already unbuttoning my theoretical pants in preparation for all of the binge shopping I am sure to take part in.



  1. wow

    just did the same post

    loveeeeeeee all thes:)

  2. Vintage/90's/grungey/tye-dyed/phsycadelic is just about my styled summed - already been through T.V like 3 times and still can't get enough, they've done such an awesome job!

  3. AAAAAH I just saw this today! It's SO nice!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Omg I just fell in love. These styles are absolutely me, they speak my language.
    Thanks for sharing!

    I aspire to create a line with the same vibe, pure magic. xoxo